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    brothers grimm on sale now @

    Wish they had that Durban/Thai cross they used to make, that was one of their best.
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    Remember Well its back...

    Anyone remember Well somehow, the old site is back up , you can read all the boards up until when they were shutdown, lots of legendary breeders posted there.
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    I think someone works with them making fems. Dinafem, maybe?
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    Ordering Shanit Baba/Mr. Nice seeds

    Go to Mr. Nice website and join their auctions. Great deals on fresh seeds, right from the source.
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    Dr green thumb seeds

    BS, I've never, ever had hermies from Mr Nice. BTW, isn't DrGs G13 , indirectly from Mr Nice?
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    Not really, she sent an email to say they were shipped, it still took over a month , both times. I knew this and expected it , so it was no big deal. The bargain makes up for the wait.
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    If you buy at the auction, just plan on at least a month to N . America.
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    Breaker flipping from 400w ballast

    Bad/weak circuit breaker. They do go bad from time to time. Pretty cheap fix, if you know what your doing.
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    Great Lakes Genetics ?

    Not for non med states.
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    Best heavly sativa dominant strains.

    Super Silver Haze , Jack Herer , Killing Fields , Liberty Haze. Most anything with more than 50% Haze in it. I love me some Durban Poison too.
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    Durban Poison from clone deipsensary in Colorado

    Had some in the late 90s, not only smelled like black licorice but tasted like it too. Fast for a sativa, nice day timer.
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    medical ohio

    The big picture here is, you will never, ever be able to have more than 4, you think this cabal is going to spend millions and eventually let you have more?
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    medical ohio

    They will allow 4 plants, bfd! Give me the 6 plants Michigan allows for medical first!
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    medical ohio

    If Ohio votes this in, the way its now written , it will still be illegal for everyone to grow, except the growing facilities. Just so everyone knows, you vote in this crap and you won't be able to take it back, its horrible!
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    Very same thing happened here, except they took most of the weed and then got caught, the police still went heavy after the grower. Case is still pending.
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    Fair warning! Dont travel Ohio Turnpike with weed

    And..…right on cue, Ohio Highway Patrol confiscated 235 lbs from a stop today!
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    Fair warning! Dont travel Ohio Turnpike with weed

    Just saw an article I think it was Reuters, anyway, the DEA is scanning and tracking vehicle lisence plates all over the U.S. Anyone thinking of transporting should look up the article.
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    Fair warning! Dont travel Ohio Turnpike with weed

    Last bust was over 100 lbs, kinda hard to shove up your ass. I'm not talking about an oz here.
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    Fair warning! Dont travel Ohio Turnpike with weed

    They are watching for cars from Wash, Oregon and Cali! Lots of BIG busts , mostly cars probably headed to NY.
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    problems with BCSC NL#5 ??

    You can find the auction by going on their forums, there will be a banner in the upper right corner that says 'auctions', click on that. No, you don't have to buy by the gram, that's just their winter cleaning auctions. Last I knew, you get around 80 seeds in a gram, so its a good deal. you may...