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  1. bluesdad

    Bodhi Acapulco Gold

    Just like Mom used to grow. Gets were monster plants that grew very well alongside her tomato plants.i never knew why it was so light colored compared to her Afghan strains.
  2. bluesdad

    GR’s Stacked 315W CMH Vertical, G13 Haze, 2017

    Would've liked a little more information other than the template.
  3. bluesdad

    Big Buddha cheese fem or blue cheese fem

    From my experience, the blue cheese is not a vigorous growing plant,its a slow starter.I have limited height in my grow space (6 feet,minus 2 ft. for the light and space between light and plant)the Blue Cheese fit perfectly, averaging 3-4 feet with a month veg period. ,the taste and smell are...
  4. bluesdad

    Chuckers paradise......

    Just popped 3 of my last 5 double purple doja f3 Hoping for a male and female.
  5. bluesdad

    What seeds do you want to grow, but haven't?

    Legit Blue Dream would be my 1st pick, 2nd pick is real deal ECSD,3rd is GDP.
  6. bluesdad


    I'd like to try that cross
  7. bluesdad

    Emerald Triangle OG Critical (harvest pics)

    I need some Critical in my garden,heard of gigantic yields from it
  8. bluesdad

    who could hook me up with a good non comercial breeder .......>>>>>asap

    Might wanna try Mr.Nice auctions.My brother got a large quantity of Mango Haze seeds from them
  9. bluesdad

    Blue Dream or crosses

    Yesterday I had the chance to try some Blue Dream.It was some tasty bud.Soaring high yet very relaxing at the same time.My buddy scored the bud in CA .I want to find the closest I can to the BD in seed form.Cali Conn has the Blue Dream Haze but they want over $20 a seed.I know one of my RIU...
  10. bluesdad

    Lemon Cookies x Fireballs

    Damn @Mineralz,that's a nice variety of strains right Thur.Are those clay pellets in some of pots?what lights are they under?
  11. bluesdad

    Lemon Cookies x Fireballs

    Sup everybody,the Lemon Cookies x Fireballs are doing great.All but 1 plant made it.And then there were 5.I have them on 18/6 but this week they are going to 12/12 .I got a White Widow from Green House (I know) but I don't care what nobody says.Their WW is on point.I'll put up some pics...
  12. bluesdad


    What all blueberry crosses did you make?I've been growing Sour Blueberry from HSO.It's Sour diesel x Blueberry.Sour stanky and sticky as hell.I've got 2 nice phenos 1 SD Dom and 1 blueberry Dom (bb muffins).I'm trying to find the he closest to Blue Dream in seed form as I can.
  13. bluesdad

    Genstash seeds testing testing 1,2,treez

    I have a few of the Candy Grape OG,is it the Candy drop x Grape OG?It was extremely potent!Super FN dank buds.Everything I've grown/smoked from Gen has been killer,every plant,every bud:Bomb. . thanks Gen.
  14. bluesdad

    Genstash seeds testing testing 1,2,treez

    I have a single " berry haze" seed from Genuity ,any background on it bro?
  15. bluesdad

    Genstash seeds testing testing 1,2,treez

    Got 3 Honeybee going around 3-4 week in veg and one is getting purple in the middle of all leaves,already smelling great too.
  16. bluesdad

    Lemon Cookies x Fireballs

    Put the plants under another 150 watt hps and they were reaching for the sky this morning.I'm gonna flip them to 12/12 in a week cuz of height restrictions. Check out this male Mickey Kush...I'm gonna hit a Sour Blueberry with it
  17. bluesdad


    Yeah Mo,that's a good year man.I am a blueberry man myself.those are gonna be dank if they sprout.If so make some more beans bro.good luck Mo
  18. bluesdad

    Lemon Cookies x Fireballs

    Ok ,it's been rough this last week.The girls had had a nitrogen deficiency.I think they are looking a lot better than they did a week ago but they have been uppotted into 1 gal pots with fresh soil..They already smell like lemon fuel's a few phone almost 1 month. with...
  19. bluesdad


    I would love to get my hands in some of DJ Short bb beans from a few years brother grew some in or around 2005/6 that was dank as hell...Hey East,you got anything from around that time?