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  1. Spittn4cash

    Grow Journal #8: DIY Hydro & Making Feminized seeds with Colloidal Silver

    Hey friends! I've been M.I.A. for a while but it feels good to be back! I see the forum has changed over the years..lots of new faces, and it's not nearly as active as it used to be..but this is where it all began for me, so I'm loyal until till then end. RIU for life baby!! As some of you...
  2. Spittn4cash

    Feb 22 - Baby Boomers Embrace Marijuana (again)

    Baby Boomers Embrace Marijuana (again) — MPP Blog Ive came to the conclusion that by 2012 we will see woodstock like demonstrations breaking out across the country. but we are already seeing things change right before our eyes. what do yall think?? Look around! Woodstock is happening all...
  3. Spittn4cash

    Sweet Purple x Bubblicious, 3 Days of Drying

    total harvest 5.1oz only 3 days of drying, looks like my bud is on fire!!:fire::fire:
  4. Spittn4cash

    "Almost Ready" - The Best Method of Quick-Drying

    This is the absolute best method Ive found for quick drying my bud. Do with it as you wish...:bigjoint: Taken from my grow journal:
  5. Spittn4cash

    Grow Journal #7- Stealth Apartment GrowCab on the planet Mars, CFLs & 400w HPS

    Hello world, this is my first stealth apartment grow on the planet mars!! I have been secretly documenting this grow for the last few weeks. Weve had problems with our transponders but now that they are working again so I can pick up right at the good part!! In case Uve been living under a...
  6. Spittn4cash

    My First Big Grow, CFLs and 400w HPS, Bubblicious X Sweet Purple

    Hey Everyone, welcome to my 7th Grow Journal (on this site). Im so psyched U all checked me out.:mrgreen: This time around Im going all out. I germinated 10 total of my bubblicious x sweet purple seeds, 9 of them popped. right now the plants are under 4 42w CFL's 24/0 for super fast growth...
  7. Spittn4cash

    HIGH TIMES Presents: Top 10 Strains of the Year

    YouTube - HIGH TIMES Presents: Top 10 Strains of the Year check it out + rep me plz!!
  8. Spittn4cash

    Grow Journal #6- Breeding: Bubblicious² and Sweet Purple, 400w Hps Grow Cab & Outdoor

    Hello World, Im back for round 6 of my painful journey. anyone interested in my bio check the sig. Lets go. ok I still have the 400W hps cab, 30W UV-A&B light, Dual squirrel cage exhaust, and 4" intake. (pics of the cabinet attached) this round im venting into the attic thru a hole I cut...
  9. Spittn4cash

    Grow Journal #5-12/12 from seed to finish, 400W Grow Cabinet, Hydro & Soil

    Wassup everybody. Im back. after a long break from the site I gotta show U guys what I been working on! aint she purrty? its no different than one of those $1500-$2500 supergrow cabinets, except it only cost me about $200 total to make. the fans I had laying around, I had to re-wire...
  10. Spittn4cash

    Grow Journal #4- Growing "Indo-Nesia":1st hydro (passive),400W HPS, Soil vs Hydro

    Cant believe Im already on my 4th GJ! Seems like only yesterday I was growing out bagseed in that damn rubbermaid indoor setup I had. Since then I've gotten quite a few indoor and outdoor grows under my belt, and they have always ended up in success..I didnt really yielded anything worth...
  11. Spittn4cash

    11 weeks flowering and no crystals...WTF?!

    11 weeks flowering, no it just keeps growing and growing and wont finish up for me...someone help please...make it stop..:blsmoke:
  12. Spittn4cash

    My Girlies keep lifting their skirts..leaves pointing straight up!

    6 weeks of flowering. This just started happening... Seems like these girls have a problem with keeping their skirts down..they're just waiting for some male to come and spray them with their jizz.. This only happens after I feed them. I dunno why it happens..I've read it means the plant...
  13. Spittn4cash

    [must see] am I going to hell for this??

    try not to laugh.. YouTube - Merrill Howard Kalin edited YouTube - Merrill Howard Kalin pt. 2 YouTube - merrill Howard Kalin pt. 3
  14. Spittn4cash

    Jun 12 - Teen Dials Wrong Number, Gets Arrested...LMAO MUST READ

    GULFPORT, Fla. - A 14-year-old boy was arrested after dialing a wrong number and offering to sell drugs to the person on the other end _ who happened to be a police detective. After the call, Gulfport detective Matt Parks arranged to meet the teen in the parking lot of a school to buy an ounce...
  15. Spittn4cash

    Yet another - "is this even weed???" thread..

    A guy on another forum I belong to posted this Im trying yo figure out wtf that stuff is..anybody have any clue???
  16. Spittn4cash

    plant problem - light yellowing & brown spots on leaf

    not really worried, just wanna know what thats about...
  17. Spittn4cash

    My Re-vegging Journal - any input is welcome

    Im in the process of harvesting my first grow. I grew 5 plants total, 2 "Nurple" (both male), 2 Oasis (females), and one PPP (female) I waited too long to clone mainly bcuz of financial reasons but now that I've got everything under control I plan on revegging my best female which was the PPP...
  18. Spittn4cash

    I want a LMAO high..when should I harvest my plants?

    title says it all..Im curious about when I should pull my plants in order to experience that "laughing uncontrollably sensation." Is that more strain related or is it depending on the time U pull the plants? I've been reading up and all I can find is that if U pull them early you get a...
  19. Spittn4cash

    SuperCropping - Anybody do it and seen good results??

    says it increases yeilds, but i wanna kno if any body has ever done this to their plants and can say it definitely increases yeild..."someone come onto the stage and testify!"
  20. Spittn4cash

    High Times - Top 10 Reasons Why Marijuana Should Be Legal

    The readers of HIGH TIMES want marijuana legalized, nationwide, and now. The 420 Campaign is a plan to bring legalization before the US Congress and the public. We want to use April 20th as a focal point every year to concentrate pressure on Congress to legalize marijuana until we get the job...