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    hey peeps, I am a old dude and mostly coke, meth, mush, micro dot, blotter- but got an offer to trade mush for molly, peeps tell me price and what to look for in weight and such...
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    Resized to 36% (was 2048 x 1536) - Click image to enlarge Resized to 36% (was 2048 x 1536) - Click image to enlarge Resized to 36% (was 2048 x 1536) - Click image to enlarge
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    High Life Seeds

    anyone ever heard or bought from these guys before? I made a recent Nirvana order and somehow got a email from these guys
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    HTG discount code

    bout to make an order, anyone have a code?
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    Full Moon

    Flood and drain, with a 400hps, in a 3' x 3' x 3' space. 2 fem Full Moon, started Dec. 26th, vegged for about 4 weeks at 24/0, topped at second node, lstd and supercropped constantly due to height restrictions.:-P Here is one just before 12/12
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    C99 or AK48?

    Need a fast flower and heavy producing strain for the 3rd and final cycle this year. Will probably scrog in a f&d. All personal so want the fat buzz, got Full Moon right now and about to pop some blackjack, just looking to get one more grow before I knock off for the holidays. Who likes what why?
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    3 quart gladware, not the best pinset ever, but not bad either... Sub- hpoo, verm, gypsum, coir Spawn- Panama MS LC Note: the biggest pin in the pics is about 1/16" across, and the yellowish tint is part the camera flash and part the color that preceeds a sub pinning fully...
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    Step Drill Bit :-P
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    Wasup peeps, never posted or read this forum, up and high tonight, so what the fuck is going on? I will post tunes... Greg Saunier totally goes off! ;-):leaf::leaf::leaf:
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    I found this site and wanted some specs on a few things, but I also had a feeling there might be something wrong because they had no phone number and no info on where they are located. So I googled for Better Business info, and according to them, they were not in business anymore, as their...
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    security for posting pics

    It is a good idea to remove info off pics that you post for security, here is a drag and drop app I use just launch, drag and drop takes a second and done. Freeware. :hump: Anyone using other apps for this or have internet security tips for peeps?
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    Bulk Mono Tek Pictorial

    Ok, this is a monotub tek for 6 qts of spawn. This is not my tek. I have grown lbs using it and it is by far the easiest and best producing tek for shrooms, bar none. This tek came from the evolution of the invention of the very first and original mono by Ohm. The bucket pasturization part was...
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    Best Prices on all Meters!

    Want to share what I have found is the very best prices for all meters on the web. Free shipping and take paypal. Made 2 seperate purchases this year and have gotten them in 7 days or less from one coast to the other (I am on the east it is on the west).
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    Sativa Seeds Blackjack or Full Moon

    400hps, flood and drain. Any opinions on which to grow? I have 5 of each and will grow 5 at a time. They are fem seeds from Nirvana, and will be lstd after topping. Media will be STG and rockwool mix. Peeps who have grown one or the other, please input :hump:
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    Multispore vendors

    I have bought 2 multispore syringes here and the inoculation success rate has been poor, and I would like to hear from others if they have experience with this particular vendor, and/or have reccomendations. :roll:
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    Bleach instead of H2o2

    I know I have seen threads on using bleach instead of h2o2 in hydro, but can not find the per gallon recomended dose. Fatman?
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    Waterfall effect

    Anyone running flood and drain continuously when light on? I have airstones in rez and use h202 and my flood and drain creates a circular motion thru the tub cause of the design, diy style but a bit unorthodox cause I have my rez flooding tub with 500 gm pump and overflow is outside the tub and...
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    If I go out to wildlife areas, do I need to take precautions as to my indoor grow? Spidermites and such?:dunce:
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    how do you post youtube?

    how do you post youtube?:roll: