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    Chilled x6

    Yes , indeed. It delivers a very high power output , at low voltage.Thus the current that runs through wiring is pretty high. 12.5 A in particular for the HLG 600-48 driver.Pretty high amperage and pretty dangerous also. To avoid overheating the output wiring ,either very thick wires have to be...
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    Help with led

    Cannabis will flower under almost any white light ,no matter the source (CFL, HID,LED,etc) and no matter the CCT & CRI .It’s the hours under light vs dark period which induces and promotes flowering and not the light spectrum . But... As a crude rule of thumb , for cannabis flowering under...
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    Lukios Secret Garden pt II

    Very well said!
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    Lukios Secret Garden pt II

    Well ,to be honest,I was not able to spot any of “praying “ leaves at the above photo.Seems like there’s a misunderstanding as to what exactly is praying leaves. At light-saturated plants,leaves are quite erected.Usually ,their tips are pointed upwards and opposing leaves look like closed hand...
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    Lukios Secret Garden pt II

    (...) The issue with green light is that it exerts an antagonistic effect on other blue light-induced responses, including stomatal closure (Frechilla et al., 2000) (...) As far as praying leaves , if my memory does not deceive me , the...
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    Is it the light or nutrients?

    The McCree curve is the ideal output SPD for a general use horticultural light. Oh ,I’m really sorry,some of my notes/comments were not directed towards you .I quoted your post mostly to emphasise that the spectrum of the lamp is bad. We are mostly on the same boat for more than light...
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    Is it the light or nutrients?

    That “lamp” IS really bad spectrum-wise .Seems that plenty of folks nowdays in the LED section think or believe that light quantity is of more importance than of light quality. But is light quality that “shapes” ( photomorphogenesis ) the plant accordingly ,in order to use as efficiently as...
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    Is it the light or nutrients?

    Agreed ! Plants will adapt to a variation of conditions. Still, within limits . Like the intense but scattered blue light from sun ,with loads of green light along in the mix .That won’t cause issues to most “lightvores” of plants. But in the case of a low-end LED “grow light “ made without...
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    Is it the light or nutrients?

    Yep, you also have green in the mix . Which actually makes the difference. Red light is not counteracting the blue light effects .Green light does . :wink: Effects of blue light The highest DM, greatest LAI and longest stem length...
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    Digikey will be selling the new Samsung Horticulture Linear LED strips.

    Im not sure if Bridgelux apply conformal coatings on their LED strips. Check for more info about CCs here:
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    Lukios Secret Garden pt II

    I was under the impression that “praying “ leaves are a sign of photo saturation ( light stress ) . Leaves erect in such way , in order to decrease their available surface to incident light ,for protecting the stressed light harvesting systems...
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    Green light in garden

    No it most probably wont. Pr (phytochrome red ) has least absorption at green light . In case of green light leakage , plants flowering cycle won’t be disturbed.
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    Is it the light or nutrients?

    You got me wrong . These panels of course do not emit any UV light. Still they might be emitting too much of blue light .UV and blue photons ,both bear high energy. Those plants pictured me thinks that they evidently show damage from high energy photons at low intensity conditions .
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    Is it the light or nutrients?

    Most probably too much blue light at the mix,while low intensity conditions . See that it resembles damage from too much UV exposure ?
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    UV Suppliment Lighting

    -1540 mexican pesos are 71 usd ... Me thinks that is not so scary price ... EDIT: 2.4 Watts are enough UVB radiation to distribute over -5 square meters , in order to match the UVB output of the sun on a summer sunny day ,sea level ,at equator .
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    UV Suppliment Lighting

    These might be another option .
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    More THC testing – UVA vs UVB vs near-UV What I would personally like is a phosphor conversion UV LED. Consisting of a 285 nm excitation source and a phosphor peaking at 385 nm .With a SPD curve resembling the shape of the one of 3000K 80Ra a pc white LED has. So,in a...
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    Best Grow Light Ever

    Is it just my eyes playing games,or indeed your light is pretty far for the tops? And WOW that’s the hugest grow -tent ever.
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    Organic “Enhanced” Spectrum LED Grow

    What a fine job you did there ! Congrats !
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    can't find 280-315nm lights

    280-290 nm LED devices :