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  1. LeonJer

    Pot size science

    I thought you good people would be interested in this latest bit of science regarding pot size.
  2. LeonJer

    Can a hermie reverse itself naturally?

    Hello all, I had a problem with a Big Bang going a little hermie about a week ago. I groomed her for pollen sacks and now she dosen't seem to be producing them anymore. :) I was going to order some dutchmaster reverse, but now she seems ok. Can she reverse naturally? Thanks very much :)
  3. LeonJer

    What would happen if?............

    Hello folks, :) I am currently in week 3 of flower of my first ever grow. I took some clones from my girls before I put them into flower and turned a small cupboard into a cloning room. I had a very weak light and limited space to begin with. My very weak light is now broken and the clones are...
  4. LeonJer

    Has my lady turned hermie?? (updated + new pics)

    Hi again friends, Ok, so I went to take a look at my two girls, and my big bang has maybe 15 tiny balls in various places and my OG Kush has 2. (I have a total of 2 plants in flower now for nearly 3 weeks. I think they might have turned, but I don't want to kill them, they are huge. I have had...
  5. LeonJer

    Has my lady turned hermie??

    :sad: Hi folks, My Lady(Big Bang) was started from seed at the beginning of January, I put her into flower a little over 2 weeks ago. She has produced lots of hairs all over and I couldn't see any problems with her.....Until this morning! She is a very big plant and she seems to be budding...
  6. LeonJer

    Reset my smaller girls and clones.

    Hi friends, I am putting my big girls into flower tomorrow, but I stupidly took some clones a couple of weeks back and they are now nice little plants. I also have some small plants I don't want to put into flower yet. My question is: I have made a smaller area for veg with a weaker light...
  7. LeonJer

    1 light, need to flower, what do I do with my clones?

    Hi folks :) I have a small problem, I need to put my 2 and a half month old girls into flower (I am under pressure from a friend, paranoia) and I only have one light, and it's nearly impossible to get another light. I took some clones about 5 days ago and they appear to be doing really well...
  8. LeonJer

    Chemicals, add after ph or before?

    Hi all, I'm now into my second week of my second grow (my first one sucked). I have a couple of questions: 1: I can only get my ph down to 6.5, is that really bad? I can't really get it any lower because of circumstances out of my control. 2: I have the CYCO pro kit, it has a chart helping...
  9. LeonJer

    Does a carbon filter go inside or outside of the tent?

    Hi all, I'm about to start on my new grow after my first disastrous grow! I've ordered a complete ventilation system, but I'm not too sure where the carbon filter goes, its very big and I'm not sure if my Secret Jardin DR150 mkII will take the weight. Thanks for the help, Leon.
  10. LeonJer

    Last lady left, is she now a ladyboy?

    Ok, hi everyone, So for those of you that have seen some of my past posts, you'll know what a sorry state of affairs my first ever grow is. My timer broke so my lighting has been all over the shop, terrible. I cant control temps because I only decided to use a crappy small fan to cool the...
  11. LeonJer

    How much is too much?

    Hi all, just a quick question or 2!! Firstly, how much is too much light in the girls dark period to turn them into hermafredites? Secondly, How much stress is too much stress transferring them into bigger pots to turn them into hermafredites? Thanks and Peace out. Im a noob BTW. 1 Amnesia...
  12. LeonJer

    My cursed piece of shit grow.

    Hi all, Ok, this is what I started with, 5 Super Lemon Haze, (2 did not germinate) 1 Critical Jack (so far not germinated, its the one with just soil in the pot). 1 Amnesia, thats the one in the Airpot. Out of the 3 SLH I have, one seems ok so far, you can see it on its own in the small pot...
  13. LeonJer

    Whats the signs of too much light or heat?

    Hello, My seedlings have problems I think, I'm not too sure whether its too much heat or too much light, and wandering if any of you guys can tell me what the signs are. Thanks. Peace.
  14. LeonJer

    Anybody know what these little holes are?

    I posted this in another forum with no response, so I'm going to try hear, thanks. Hello to all, My girls have now been in soil for 5 days, and one of them has a small hole in the leaf. I dont know what it is. Does anybody know what it could be? I uploaded some pics, hopefully I've done it...
  15. LeonJer

    Whats this hole please?

    Hello to all, My girls have now been in soil for 5 days, and one of them has a small hole in the leaf. I dont know what it is. Does anybody know what it could be? I uploaded some pics, hopefully I've done it right and you will see them!! Thanks Peace out everyone. P.S, Any comments...
  16. LeonJer

    Can seedlings turn hermy after a couple of days?

    Hi guys, As the title of the thread says, my timer is bust and Im really trying to stay on the lighting thing manually, but I've been out by a couple of hours twice now. How easy is it to screw my seedlings up? Thanks, Peace.
  17. LeonJer

    Screw this, I'm going in all guns blazing

    Morning all, I acquired a couple of shitty little 70 watt propagation lights, I dont know how old they are but I think they are shit. My girls have been in soil 3 days and I can just about see them popping through, I have 2 strains. 5 super Lemon haze and 1 amnesia. The amnesia is well on her...
  18. LeonJer

    How long till I see something??

    Hi everybody, My beans are germinated and I put them into soil yesterday, Im not seeing anything and wondering how long it will be until I do see something. Im worried incase I've messed something up. I am a complete noob at this so sorry if I sound like a dick. Thanks. Peace.
  19. LeonJer

    My beans have all germinated, now.........

    Hi all, I just checked my beans and I think they are ready to go into soil. Is this mix ok for their first potting? 1 third soil, 1 third compost, 1 third perlite. This is my first grow. Peace.
  20. LeonJer

    About to start my first grow but a couple of questions first.

    Hi everybody, I have a dilemma(sort of) I ordered 5 super lemon haze from the attitude, the problem is they sent me 2 free seeds, one is Amnesia and the other one is Critical Jack (Auto-flowering). My Questions are: 1: My tent is a Secret Jardin DR150 MKII 150(5')x150(5')x200(7'), can I get...