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  1. Oddjob

    Canna and House & Garden shutting down?

    Read this on another forum that these two companies will be shutting down due to the Dutch Opium Act? If that's the case what a shame because they're both really good products
  2. Oddjob

    Success with GroKing

    Happy to find another source for seeds across the pond. Great customer service, fast shipping to western USA. Package arrived in 7 days. Breeder:Strain - Bomb Seeds, Cherry Bomb Auto 5 pack fems, in breeder pack Packaging: Was good and won't give up the info here *wink* Verdict: Legit...
  3. Oddjob

    Parting ways with my Apache AT600

    With the blessing of Admin, I'm selling my personal Apache AT600. It is in excellent condition just like new. As you guys know this light is pretty heavy and well made, so ill have to work out shipping cost with biuyer, i also have the original box it came in. I think as greengenes stated it...
  4. Oddjob

    Saying so long to regular beans...

    Always have used feminized but lately I decided to buy regs from a US seller of some strains that looked straight up dank. Just horrible crappy luck with the past twenty I've dropped.... Johnston's Genetics Grand Daddy Purpberry: Out out of 10, 7 germed and only got two females. Norstar...
  5. Oddjob

    Tempted to go back to Coco

    Since I've gone to LED growing I've had some def/lockout issues and I know with coco I can control what goes on in the root zone better and/or quicker. Only thing is when I ran coco before, my flowers seemed to lack in the smell and taste department as compared to soil. It also seems like the...
  6. Oddjob

    Cutting Edge Solutions: Plant Amp?

    10ml per gallon, with directions to NOT add any pH up because Plant Amp gives a false low of around 4.9 pH. They also state that it will autocorrect it self while in the soil and naturally rise back up on it's own. Bah, my plants have never looked so fucked up like they do now. Going back to GH...
  7. Oddjob

    Request for Mods/Admin

    As we all know, the LED section has been providing all of us with great info on the emerging and also advancing technology of growing with LED as an alternative to HID. I first started to hang hear a little bit over a year ago before deciding towards making a big purchase, and watched growers...
  8. Oddjob

    Tutorial for Bitcoin challenged

    After a lot of reading I'm still not getting it, feels like info is all over the place. Can someone here please lay out steps in methodical manner. Thanks strain hunters!
  9. Oddjob

    Bud like this?

    Can someone here please tell me how in the hell do you get your bud to look like this after it's cured? This is a pic I pulled off of craigslist in the mmj section, so it's not mine. The bud looks all tight and drawn in to itself, no hairs stickin out or anything. And they look rock hard.
  10. Oddjob

    You never know who is lurking here....

    SO QUIT FUCKING TALKING ABOUT STEALTH / SHIPPING / SHIPMENTS If you need to calm your anxiety about anything overseas maybe PM a long timer here. Matter of fact, Admin/Mods should delete or even disallow these kinds of threads anymore. I just read a thread that I won't name here where a couple...
  11. Oddjob

    Getting close to choosing LED..Need educated opinions

    Ok, so here I am 2 weeks in of straight up searching across various forums for info on which LED company I should go with and guess what? I'm still stumped as to which brand I should go with lol. It also appears that different forums in general will have certain companies they like more than...
  12. Oddjob

    Perpetual harvest ideas needed

    Just finished up up my first grow after a 10+ year break lol. Not bad for 11 different strains at about a pound yield dry, could have been better but I had so many plants crammed in my tent that light wasn't sufficient. Ok, after searching and reading a lot of threads across different forums...
  13. Oddjob

    Question on filter and odor control

    I will be attempting my first indoor grow and will be using a tent with filter for odor control. When the timer cycles to off and lights and everything else turns off, including fan w/filter, won't the smell easily be detectable again? Thanks for any help, I'm trying to digest as much info as...