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  1. Earl Dean Smooter

    powdery mildew ?

    Are these poor ladies worth saving ? The high humidity and hot spell (more than one) in central california took its toll on these poor plants. I noticed white on the fan leaves, tried to clean them. I read all I could about pm and mold on here and other sites. So far all I have used is H2O2 to...
  2. Earl Dean Smooter

    ok to change nutrient brands in flower ?

    I used up all of my botanicare pure blend pro bloom nutes in the middle of flowering, the ebay place I ordered from does not carry it anymore, seems they moved on to the next big (expensive) brand. Looks like hydro nutes by botanicare instead of soil on ebay Any suggestions on what to continue...
  3. Earl Dean Smooter

    flowering time

    how long should marijuana be flowered ? I have a small grow of two plants going... unknown genetics since they are natures sweet nothing scam seeds... popped then put in soil on 3-13-15, friday the 13th... so been in soil for around 133 days... vegged for 5 (?) weeks... flipped on 04-10-15... do...
  4. Earl Dean Smooter

    some plants like nutes, some do not, why ?

    Hello goes the grows ? I've been coming to the forum and reading without signing in for a bit now... I didn't have anything to share or ask.... A question about why some strains seem ok with nutes and some do not ? I germed some seeds back on 03-13, they were supposed to be blackberry...
  5. Earl Dean Smooter

    Deficiency or Toxicity ?

    Noob needs some help... fifth week of flower following this link : Nutrients for Noobs...Making it Through Your First Grow... the ladies either need some more nutes or I overfed them ? ANY help would be appreciated.... Thanks in Advance Earl
  6. Earl Dean Smooter

    Earl's No budget grow

    Hello all at RIU, my grow seems to be surviving this old noobs lack of a green thumb. The girls are seeds that a good friend gave me...unknown strain. They are in a cabinet I made from scrap,double insulated, 6 CFL's, computer fan intake (4- 80mm) and exhaust (1- 5inch) . 420 soil with 20-25 %...
  7. Earl Dean Smooter

    veging time

    hello all, how long can you have plants in the veg stage ? I visit and read the posts almost every day. been in lurk mode mostly. good site, good info, great cast of people here ! TIA E.D. Smooter
  8. Earl Dean Smooter

    wall material for grow box

    I have some stuff called astro-cooler that is used in transportation, hvac, and construction applications. it is very reflective and holds warmth and reflects cold, it will also reflect heat if reversed. it is made of bubble wrap and some type of foil stuff ??? has anyone heard of or used this...
  9. Earl Dean Smooter

    Earl's bag seed plant

    Hello guys and gals , hopefully you can tell me what gender this surviving plant is ? It is growing ok...will it need replanted soon ? Thanks Earl
  10. Earl Dean Smooter

    newbie question

    Hey all, can anyone tell me if they have grown any royal medic from royal queen ? or a strain that has harlequin bred into it ? I am looking more towards a high cbd strain for chronic pain relief. Thanks in advance Earl Smooter
  11. Earl Dean Smooter

    very much a newbie here

    Hello everyone, I am very new to all of this. I would like to start a small indoor grow for medicinal medications. I read posts and other info from a few sites. I'll ask questions in the forum. Thanks for letting me be here. Earl Dean Smooter