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  1. Rahz

    Ideal age of genetic material going into flower?

    Something I haven't seen talked about much, thought it would make a good thread. This is for photoperiod plants obviously.
  2. Rahz

    Ideal age for mothers?

    More specifically, what is the ideal age of the genetic material going into flower? How much difference does it make?
  3. Rahz

    Seedling not showing sex

    I started three seeds. Two are female. Two weeks later the third plant isn't showing sex. Will something happen eventually or do some seeds never show sex?
  4. Rahz

    Coalition against Mites

    If you have eradicated a mite infestation, give a short explanation on how it was done. Infestation #1: limited to veg area. Used Doktor Doom (pyrethrin) fogger and then repeated 3 days later. Problem solved. Infestation #2: In perpetual flower area. Can't fog so have been using a pyrethrin...
  5. Rahz

    Mega Crop + Koolbloom -vs- Mega Crop A/B

    I bought a bag of Mega Crop single part, just playing around with the numbers. Looking at the two part I think it will scale well through flower. #/#/# is ppm in a gallon 4g A and 2g B yields 103/55/228 4.5g A and 2g B yields 106/62/256 5g A and 2g B yields 108/69/285 Using Single part and...
  6. Rahz

    Little balls in Mega Crop

    I just got my first bag of Mega Crop, excited to be trying it. I have read that they tried grinding the little balls and it somehow made them more difficult to dissolve. Not sure how that works but... They do tend to find themselves huddled together in the mix. Is this something I should be...
  7. Rahz

    LED was the future

    Any LED fans from 2015, you remember plenty of naysayers. I was at the grow shop yesterday and chatting with the owner. Another customer mentioned he was using LED and I was a lil excited, asked him what brand. After he left I said to the owner, good to see some peeps using LED. He said...
  8. Rahz

    Flowers maturing early?

    I had this happen once years ago, then a few months back and now it's happening again. At around 4 weeks when the buds are popcorn size I'll notice a few red hairs. A few days later it's obvious they're maturing and not gaining any more size. Between week 5 and 6 they're ready for harvest. So...
  9. Rahz

    So I have this one plant... (PH question)

    MK Ultra. It needs a ton of PH down to keep it in the right range. I'm talking +20ccs a day in 7 gallons of solution. If I only adjust once per day it will get up to 6.9. I have same plants from same mother in a different location and no notable PH issues. The plant in question looks healthy, no...
  10. Rahz

    Fertilizer Combo for better PH control

    Thought I would drop this tidbit of wisdom here. Until recently I always used Maxigro/Bloom for hydro. I had compared it with other brands years ago and didn't see much difference if any and Maxi series is cheaper. Only thing is, no PH buffers and in a 24 hour period the PH can go from 5.8 to...
  11. Rahz

    Catch me up

    I've been away for a while. Was just rummaging through my stash of parts. I need to build a lamp for a 3x3 tent. I have Vero29v7, 150mm pin fin sinks, HLG 300w driver so everything I need. But it's been a while and I'm wondering what would be a high end build at the moment? I still have 200w...
  12. Rahz

    Timer broke 3 weeks into flower

    So the timer broke and I didnt catch it for about 2 weeks. I'm wondering what to expect if I put those plants on 12/12 and restart the flower cycle. Or would it be better to start with fresh plants?
  13. Rahz

    Reverse DWC

    An idea I'm playing around with, curious to know if anyone has opinions on this setup. Currently I'm using a 5 gal bucket rez gravity feeding two 5 gallon grow buckets with bubblers in the grow buckets. Works pretty good but I'm not super happy with the PH swings and it's a PITA to...
  14. Rahz

    Potassium content of Floranova

    It's listed as a 1 part, but without a pk booster the potassium seems really low. Anyone use it alone?
  15. Rahz

    DIY fullproof bucket cloner

    So I've had mixed success off and on with clones/cloners and think I have addressed every concern with this design. Items needed: Black 1 gallon bucket Air pump Air tubing Air stone (2" round black or 4" blue) Neoprene inserts Azos powder PH down Each bucket should be able to support 5 clone...
  16. Rahz

    The Ideal spectrum.

    If we see that the various photoreceptors are at work creating the Mcree curve it would not be difficult to explain the shape which is a mix of symmetry and asymmetry. The 580-680 range of the Mcree curve isn't exactly smooth, but the relative deviation is minor, even for the 660-680 range...
  17. Rahz

    Low N in coir/peat - advice wanted

    I've been using Pro-Mix HPCC Nutrients during bloom: Maxigro/Maxibloom/Cal-Mag/Silica in grams/ccs: 2.5/2.5/4/2.5 This produces elemental ppm of 120/58/170 around 950 total using blue-lab meter. I adjust PH of solution to 5.5 first 3 weeks and 5.8 beyond that. Symptoms: Throughout the grow...
  18. Rahz

    Done with mirrors

    It's been pointed out that mirrors may only be about 90% reflective while flat white is also about 90% reflective and specialty coatings can be 95-96% reflective. From that angle it doesn't make sense to use mirrors. However there may be some advantages that aren't entirely obvious. Mirrors...
  19. Rahz

    2 a light

    I don't visit the LED section as much. Just wondering how people have advanced since +50% efficiency has become common. So how much wattage does it take to get 2 for you? If you have a small grow you can extrapolate. For instance, 4 zips from a 100w light = 800w for "2 a light". Math: 32 /...
  20. Rahz

    Volume of root zone per sq/ft

    Thought this would be an interesting survey. How much solution do you use per square foot of canopy space that's available for the roots to occupy? Some evidence indicates no benefit doubling a .65 gallon per sq/ft root zone.