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  1. canope

    Had a room with males

    Had a light problem and a whole into turned into males/herms. What’s the correct protocol for cleaning the room to make sure the next batch of clones don’t get pollinated? Can I re-use my coco?
  2. canope

    shatter liquidizer

    Hey fellow friends, I have a bunch of shatter I want to turn into vape the easy way and I want to make sure I use the best ingredients possible. What's in your opinion the liquidizer out there? I<ve read about Shatter Batter, but they're basically a PG/VG solution and I don't like that, I want...
  3. canope

    BHO to vape carts

    Just made my first run of BHO, it looks decent. Now I want to know how to properly make it vapable, what are the best PG ratios? How much terpens? Is VG better? Should I use a dewaxer? What is the best source for carts and batteries? What’s the best kit to fill up a small business amount of vape...
  4. canope

    Mars Hydro FC-E6500

    Anyone here grows with that light? I'm about to make a large purchase and looking at this light. The biggest thing bugging me is that they don't use LM301b/h diodes.
  5. canope

    4x8 table setup, but low to the floor?

    Hey bros, I'm opening a new spot, I have a 7ft ceiling clearance and I want to put tables. They don't need to move but they do need to have a 5%ish angle in the to evacuate excess water. Waht's my best option?
  6. canope

    MOM marketing

    Anyone here is well versed in the digital marketing of mail order marijuana dipensaries in Canada? If so hit me up! :)
  7. canope

    Top buds not frosted, bottom buds full of trichomes

    It’s the first time I see this happen, my top huge buds have almost no trichomes while the small popcorn bottom buds are super frosty and smelly! Could this be a genetic thing or is there something in ky environment making this? Rh is 50-60% temp is 25-27c. Only thing I could see is temp being...
  8. canope

    24h light during flowering

    I had a light switch problem in a room and lights stayed in for 24h+ (During 1 day). Will this mess up this crop? Im 1 month in flowering
  9. canope

    Thug pugs bubblegum breath

    Can’t fond much on it, anyone has grown it and have pics?
  10. canope

    China LEDs

    Hey guys I'm looking to buy more LEDs for a new room and Meijiu have been real dicks by not sending back a dimmer that's faulty. What's your go to nowadays?
  11. canope

    Rusty leaves in vege

    In coco, led
  12. canope

    Brown spots along the edges of leaves

    Jacks 321 in coco, led lights
  13. canope

    been feeding plants with 39f water

    My plants look kinda fluffy during flowering, I'm supposed to have about 1 week left but they look like they need 3 more weeks. Could it be caused by super cold water? It's very cold but the water quickly heats up when it hits the coco which should be at room temp (+-79f) right? Anyway I just...
  14. canope

    Yellow tips, rust, brownish tips

    Coco, ppm 1100, fed 3 times a day, staying withing vpd.
  15. canope

    Macro growing in Africa

    I have an opportunity to help some friends start a large scale farm somewhere in Africa. I'll update the project here as it goes. We are currently doing soil tests, water tests and that sort of stuff. The DLI is ideal so that's good. Now I need strains ideas for growing in a humid climate at a...
  16. canope

    Coco end run treatment

    I’m about to finish my first run in coco and I want to re-use the coco. I’m using a drain to waste system. What’s the best way to neutralize the coco beside flushing for anweek do you add something else to dissolve the roots? Thx guys
  17. canope

    Plants too tall

    I’m in week 3 of flowering and I have a few plants that stretched too high up and are touching the lights, should cut 6 inch off? Try to bend them?
  18. canope

    Netafim netbow

    Has anyone started using Netbow by Netafim? Been wanting to try them out on coco ever since I first heard about them. So far so good, I’ve never grown anything that big indoors. Strain is mamacita cookies, the stretch is insane.
  19. canope

    Propane fogger?

    Has anyone used a propane fogger with neem oil or similar products to get rid of spider mites?
  20. canope

    Lime green leaves

    Led, jacks 321, coco, 1000ppm, drain to waste, ph is 5.8-6, co2 is 15000ppm, I add 0.25ml/L of silicate potassium, week one of flowering. I don’t have non grow lights in this room so cant turn them off, but I adjusted the color of the pics