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    Dryer vent for exhaust

    I have a dryer vent that doesn’t get used that much. Was thinking of taking a 4” in-line fan and some flex duct to exhaust my grow space on an inkbird for humidity and temp. Anyone done this?
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    Grow upcoming - plant size and humidity

    I usually only grow in the winter because in the spring and early summer my humidities are high in my basement. I want to get another grow in but it will take me into the spring. I’m able to control RH by plant size and my dehumidifier. My dehumidifier just keeps up in winter with four...
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    Light recipe for keeping colas tighter

    After seeing my plants grow and getting crazy amount of stretch I was interested in next grow to change the light recipe up. I notice on the colas the lower you go the longer the branches, then at the midway height of the cola the buds start stacking one on top of another. In light of the way...
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    Why waiting is important to harvest - CBN and Amber Trichomes

    I thought this article was interesting and applicable to harvesting flower when there is a decent amount of amber trichomes present. Amber trichomes indicate more CBN. The summary is CBN combined with THC provides more euphoria and couchlock resulting in a stronger high...
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    THC and CBD testing

    I came across these guys in Canada for testing buds, only needs a 2-3 gram sample and will give you all the cannabinoids for $60. Seems way better than the last place that quoted me, was $180 for 30 grams, I’m sure they just smoked the rest lol