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  1. nunyabidness420

    Weed Guardians Family Tree

    Selection: I was specifically looking for ethos member berry but they have seeds from 10 other breeders as well. Price: 10 got loads of freebies! Service: Ordered 9/3 received 9/18 super friendly staff, live chat on their website Stealth Rating: no stealth required Would you order from the same...
  2. nunyabidness420

    What's worse for plants during flower? Fluctuating temperature or fluctuating light intensity?

    I'm setting up a 3x3x3 grow space with a fixed air extraction rate and an AC. The AC is not equipped with an inverter so it will cause the temperature to swing up and down if I use that to control temperature. I was thinking of keeping the AC on all the time and varying the amount of light the...
  3. nunyabidness420

    Air pruning pots

    Has any one tried any of these air pruning pots for their pot? How do they compare to a standard fabric pot?
  4. nunyabidness420

    Flowering the mother after taking a clipping

    In order to save space, I would like to flower the mother plant after clippings taken from it have taken root. Is there a term for this? And how sustainable is this practice?
  5. nunyabidness420

    What nutrient issue or disease starts with brown spots on leaf veins?

    I first noticed an issue with this plant when these brown spots started showing up on the veins. I ran through the usual checklist and couldn't figure out the issue. Posted on another forum and didn't get an answer. I ended up harvesting this plant prematurely but I would still like to nail...