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    shitty float valve.

    so i woke up this morning to a flooded veg room. the float for the RO shutoff decided to stop working. fuck my life. anyone know of a better more secure way to auto shut this off?
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    i cannot afford to buy the botanicare sliding tables yet so i need to setup some temporary trellis for this round. i don’t want to drill metal poles into the ground. anyone have any ideas how i can secure PVC frame to the floor without drilling. i was thinking maybe those things that hold a...
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    A/C issues.

    Hey guys, I am running into some issues with my air conditioning. I have a 3ton A/C for a 18x14 area using LED's there are about 2k total watts on the ceiling. I was initially going to use much more powerful lights, but have since got 320Watt fixtures, there are 6 of them. I am using a...
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    flood tables/frames

    hey guys. i haven’t setup anything to house my veg plants yet. they are just sitting on the floor. you can see some new transplants below. i was going to put some basic 4x6 or 4x8 flood trays on pvc frames. the room does not have a drain. but there is one right on the other side of the wall...
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    Movable wall fans.

    Hey guys, could you help me think of some way to be able to hang oscillating fans on some sort of frame so that i can adjust the height of the fans on the wall.
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    What do you guys think about these lights for VEG.

    These 6 blade lights are on sale right now. I was thinking of throwing 6 of them into my veg room. Anyone have anything against these?
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    Loriflux vs chilled

    Hey Team, I am looking to get around 40 fixtures to fill some rooms. Loriflux said they would hook it up with a discount, 875 per fixture. Chilled offered 7% off. LoL... barely covers sales tax. But the Chilled is a 1000W...
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    Air handler Vs. mini-split.

    Hey Team! Im getting ready to pull the trigger on a/c units. I originally thought I was going to throw a 5ton with an air handler for flower, and use a mini split for veg. After doing some thinking. I am considering just getting a 3 ton with an air handler for veg, since im not really limited...
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    Just put together the 1000w growcraft. first time using an LED. can’t wait to see this thing in action. I have never seen anything so bright.
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    I am vegging out some Kush Mints and these plants seem fussy. They are growing in a 4x4 under a 1000W MH turned down to 75%. The temps are around 77-80 degrees and humidity at 60% ish. These plants are around 3 months old. They are happy and perky... most of the day. On a 18/6 light cycle...
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    brand new start.

    I am setting up a new grow and thought i would share my progress. so far i have upgraded the electrical to 250amps. removed the 8x8 tile and most of the mastic underneath it. framed in the 2 rooms and have ran most of the 110 electrical for the rooms. 36 electrical boxes between the two rooms...
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    Powering LEDs

    Hey Team. I have no experience with LED lights yet. I am setting up a new build and would like to use LEDs. How would i power around 10k watts of these lights. Do leds have their own power light controllers? Or should i just use a regular helios titan like i would with HID ballasts. thanks...