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  1. Prawn Connery

    Growdown! Mars Hydro vs Grow Lights Australia

    This comparison has been almost six months in the making, but I think we can finally start. The side-by-side grow has just finished and we don't have the yield or cannabinoid levels yet, but we will be adding these to this thread once the final product has been fully dried, weighed and tested...
  2. Prawn Connery

    Paradise Seeds

    I've never had anything bad from Paradise Seeds, and I've grown and smoked most of the company's original catalogue. I've even become friends with breeder Luc Kroll over the past 20 years and in that time have been a test grower for strains including Swiss Bliss, Atomical Haze, Ice Cream, Opium...
  3. Prawn Connery

    A bit of colour

    This is actually the result of a deficiency induced mostly by cold weather (and a bit of neglect) but it looks kinda purdy :bigjoint: Been doing a bit of microgrowing under a 120W board
  4. Prawn Connery

    Buddies, side-light and under-canopy LEDs

    I got these off LED Teknik a while ago. They are strings of 20x 0.72W fully enclosed LEDs with diffusers. Teknik calls them "Buddies" and I've got 4000K and phosphor-coated red. Each string is about 15W, so I have a 60W Osram driver driving four strings of Buddies which are simply stuck to the...
  5. Prawn Connery

    THC, CBD, Terpene test results – UVA vs UVB vs none

    As some of you might know, former member Or_Gro did a side-by-side comparing three different types of LED boards with supplementary UV reptile bulbs. He also did a control grow without any UV at all. The test results are interesting because UV clearly works – an increase of almost 20%! But...
  6. Prawn Connery

    A room full of LEDs

    I don't know why people still say LEDs can't grow. I swung by a place today and took some photos of a room full of the boards we made. They're doing fine. These are all in coco run-to-waste. The strain is mostly Mental Floss with a Wappa in one corner. The panels are double High Lights with a...
  7. Prawn Connery

    Why is the site so slow?

    Is it just me, or has this site been really slow of late? I keep getting "Error 502" - sometimes the site is down for hours - and when I'm not getting 502s, the site is just abominably slow. Nothing wrong at my end, or with other sites, so I'm assuming RIU has been having some technical issues...
  8. Prawn Connery

    High Light efficiency tests (TEKNIK) - 2.47 umol/j CRI 94.2

    So the results from TEKNIK's goniometer testing came back today and we're pretty happy with the results. 2.47 umol/j for a CRI94 board isn't too bad at all. The other board tested 2.46 umol/j at CRI95. First thing I'd like to do is thank TEKNIK for donating their time and resources to this...
  9. Prawn Connery

    "High Lights" - high powered, CRI95 flowering boards made in Australia

    A few people have been asking about these boards now that the cat's out of the bag. @Or_Gro has posted his diary here for anyone who's interested in seeing how they perform...
  10. Prawn Connery

    Adding vertical light

    The sativas were getting a bit unruly so I made an executive decision to hang a 130W CFL in the tent. The LEDs were forming nice buds on the top, but the new generation of Mental Floss at the bottom were having to stretch. A little bit of stretch isn't a bad thing if you've got the height, but...
  11. Prawn Connery

    Cheap Chinese LED companies - the Good, the Bad and the Royal Ripoffs

    Love em or loathe em, Chinese "Quantum Copy" boards are everywhere. But for every "bargain" showcased on RIU, there appear to be some real abominations and blatant ripoffs. From LEDs and connectors falling off boards, to ill-fitting heatsinks, cheap replacement and low-bin LEDs, and even...
  12. Prawn Connery

    Samsung strips still going

    Just pulled another four plants from my 4'x2'. I've got a perpetual harvest going, so there are four new plants next to them. Each four plants is under 200W of Samsung 3000K H-series strips (two frames, 24x2' strips, 400W total), and I've been averaging 3+oz per plant (x 8 ) with this set-up...
  13. Prawn Connery

    QB324 grow

    Dramas aside, the Quantum Board 324s are doing well. As mentioned in another thread, I like the spectrum of the Nichia NT2L757GRT-V1 mixed 3000K 80CRI and 90CRI leds, which was the main reason for choosing these over the QB288 or QB304 boards. We are growing out some Paradise Seeds Wappa...
  14. Prawn Connery

    QB324 Warning

    If you have purchased any QB324 boards from HLG and have used the supplied screws without nylon washers, then you may be in for a nasty shock - quite literally! To recap another thread, I was sent two different types of screws with my QB324/Slate 2 combos. No washers were included. Full account...
  15. Prawn Connery

    Quantum Board short/live circuit

    Has anyone had any issues with QBs shorting out or going live when attached to the Slate 2 or other supplied heatsinks? I ordered 2x QB324/Slate 2 combos (4x QB324 and 4x Slate 2 heatsinks total), however I only got half my order to begin with. The first part of the order arrived with a set of...
  16. Prawn Connery

    Sativa madness

    I don't know what's crazier - that these are flowering under just 200w of LEDs, or that the tallest is only inches from the light and has only shown a miniscule amount of bleaching.
  17. Prawn Connery

    Parallel wiring, voltage drop, wire length etc

    So I'm wiring up a new Samsung F-strip frame - this will be my fifth one of similar design - and I've always cut my wires the same length to equalise voltage drop. But this time I'm building for a friend and I want to keep everything neat and tidy. Looking at these Samsung strips - which are...
  18. Prawn Connery

    HLG-185H or 240H?

    I'm about to order some parts for two Samsung F Series veg frame builds. The HLG-185H-48A maxes out at 200W - which is all the power I need. The 240s can obviously be dialled down to 200w, and are what I'm running at the moment. I've tested them as high as 280W. Apart from saving a few $, is...
  19. Prawn Connery

    Samsung INFLUX strips (LM301A) - any good?

    I just found these on Arrow's website and they seem to be really cheap: I know they're older technology, but for the price of one 2' F Series double strip, I could buy three of these. Efficiencies aside, would there be any...
  20. Prawn Connery

    Strip LEDs in the garden of Paradise

    In case you're wondering, I'm a big fan of Paradise Seeds. I've grown many of their strains over the years, and nearly always found something I liked. For this grow I've just started to flower six Acid and two Sensi Star plants from femmed seeds. This is the first time I've grown Acid (a Diesel...