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    Dresser - 3 Sq. Ft. - 20,600 Lumens - Hydro

    very nice I love to see that, my first grow was in a small cabinet and it was alot of fun
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    Help if FIRST complete grow (all details needs)

    check the airflow and maybe the ph. it should be between 5-6. if there are nutes in the soil then it's hard to flush them out. check and see whats in the plant problems section there might be sumthing similar
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    Hows it look?(first grow, CFL,bagseed)

    very nice first grow. even if it tastes weird. as long as it fucks your ass up, it's good weed heh
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    Stealth Micro Cab Grow with pics

    ya it needs to flower to produce thc. once it flowers sell it to him for 100 heh
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    How To LST (Low Stress Training)

    looks good, I'm going to try this setup on my next grow
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    lol you can buy feminized seeds where the female to male ratio is in favour of the female
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    Check Out This CFL!

    now that's a beauty of a lamp