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  1. ttystikk

    USA decisively loses trade wars with Russia, China, Iran Yes, we hurt Russia, China and Iran- just enough to drive them into each other's arms. China will now buy Iranian oil and finance their oil production and other infrastructure projects. Oops...
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    Pirates of the Mediterranean!

    Lots of swashbuckling action! Watch the bad guys lose lose while they flout every regulation governing shipping on the high seas! Paratroopers rappelling onto the decks! Arresting- and later, attempting to bribe ship captains! High drama of retaliation in the Persian Gulf...
  3. ttystikk

    Bernie Sanders goes to Canada with group to buy insulin

    Today I took people with diabetes across the border from Detroit to Canada to buy insulin — medication they need to survive. In the United States, a single vial of insulin costs on average $340. But in Canada, the same exact drug is just $30. Quinn showing Bernie her insulin on the way to...
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    There is no 'right' v 'left': it is Trump and the oligarchs against the rest

    by Robert Reich, Labor Secretary in the Clinton administration;
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    Dry the Nazis Out! Locals in small German town don't like white supremacists gathering for a festival there, so they bought up all the beer to deny them access. Polizei were heavily patrolling the gathering, confiscating prohibited alcohol...
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    Democrats biggest obstacle to $15/hr minimum wage Because Democrats gotta service business interests before their electorate. If these people are supposed to be our friends, who needs enemies?
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    Eat beans; America needs more FREEDOM GAS! The White House neofascist clown show has officially branded methane gas for sale to other countries as 'FREEDOM GAS', apparently unaware of just how conceited that sounds. Way to market American products to...
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    The worst election interference in 2020 will be perfectly legal I know there will be lots of haters screaming about the source, but do try to refute the actual content of the article for once. Well, you'll be unable to so I'm sure you'll go right back to...
  9. ttystikk

    And now, a few words from Carl Sagan

    Smoke a bowl before watching this, keeping firmly in mind that Dr Sagan was a stoner and an outspoken advocate for legalisation long before it was acceptable;
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    Even Europe is sick of Neoliberalism

    Why doesn't America have a Yellow Vest movement? Could it be that we don't care enough about democracy and rule by We the People enough to fight for it? I can see Ben Franklin asking that question. What is modern America's answer?
  11. ttystikk

    The Trump Koch Venezuela Keystone Pipeline Connection

    Follow the money... The dirty filthy heavy crude money.
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    The 'humanitarian crisis' in Venezuela... or not

    Amazing how the West looted Venezuelan assets, then blamed them for the resulting economic crisis. When is the last time a United States led 'humanitarian intervention' actually led to the alleviation of suffering? Especially when oil is involved? Why does anyone believe the likes of Donald...
  13. ttystikk

    You have the right to sit down, shut up and stay in line- or get shot This article is full of actual cases. Writ large, they add up to an authoritarian system where America's freedoms are illusory and authorities have absolute power and no accountability.
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    I will NOT be watching the State of the Union Address

    No game.
  15. ttystikk

    The propaganda smears of MSNBC; Tulsi Gabbard Edition

    Seriously. Anyone who takes the MSM seriously for anything but the weather forecast (but never climate change!) is being lied to. Never forget that General Electric owns MSNBC. That's the same GE that owns and operates the Electric Boat Division in Groton, CT- where they build every nuclear...
  16. ttystikk

    Billionaires and Bandits

    Look people, everything we've been told about how America works is a lie. These are the people really run our country and this is how they do it. Why do you think this stuff is so hard to believe? Yes, both parties are corrupt. What else would you expect from a duopolistic political system?
  17. ttystikk

    The economy is booming!

    ...well, maybe for the top 1%. For the rest of us, not so much. Beware of gilded ages, for they're always followed by depression.
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    Alexandria Ocasio Cortez isn't popular because she tweets but because of her stances This is an opinion piece written by a Congressional staffer who's seen the sausage being made and offers insight into AOC's outsized popularity and influence with voters across...
  19. ttystikk

    The Real Donald Trump, through a journalist who's covered him for 30 years

    The Silurian Society is a prestigious association of journalists.