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  1. DoubleAtotheRON

    Cashless Society

    You think it's possible that we could be heading towards a cashless society?.. or total bullshit? Cash will always be king? Discuss.
  2. DoubleAtotheRON

    Snoop D on Wheel of Fortune!

    If you missed it.. it was pure gold!.. some of Snoops guesses were hilarious. Snoops guess.... "Swallowing the not"- actual answer-"Sweetening the pot" "Airport Teacher" - actual answer- "Artistic Teacher" "Underwater stunt" - actual answer -" Publicity Stunt" Im sure he was higher than...
  3. DoubleAtotheRON

    September 24th

    What’s this that a German chancellor is saying about September 24th 2022 as being “A day you will remember where you were when it happened “?
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    The healing power of Cannabis..

    Quick story... My dad is 75, a diabetic with an A1C of 10.4, but pretty active. 2 years ago he hurt is neck and asked me about RSO drops that we make for his pain. I cut it 3:1 with CMT oil, and he started taking it for about a year. He went for his yearly check up, and after being on the drops...
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    3.5 month veg, 3.65 month flower...What'd she make?

    Hop on over to my thread, you still have time to get your guesses in by midnight CST! This was 30 days before the chop! Post your guesses on this thread.......
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    The new Gun Bill..

    So... this G U N bill that Bidum signed today is a total waste of time, money, and resources. $750M to provide the entire USA with "mental health", and a 5 year ban on legal buys for former violent offenders. You know how many guns are in the US at the moment?.. nobody does. They have been FFL...
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    Wind River Microbes

    Anybody ever heard of this line? I had a friend give me some samples to try. I just started a few clones for the outdoor season (personal grow/non commercial), and wanted to test it out. The 2 on the right, I just gave straight feed. The 2 on the left I gave feed and the WindRiver Microbes...
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    Just gonna leave this here …

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    How much is petrol per gallon near you?

    Currently seeing $4.11-$4.15 per gallon for 10% ethanol, and $4.59-$4.69 for pure fuel, Diesel is ~$ 5.69 here in Oklahoma, USA. IF you're in another Country, please try to convert to USD and in gallons. I know alot of people buy by the liter, but to keep it simple, and on and even keel, just...
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    Tonights Oklahoma sunset.

    Got a storm following this up, and coming in hot from the West. Gonna try to get some lightning shots shortly.
  11. DoubleAtotheRON

    Redneck Weddings.

    I do some videography on the side hustle. Ive had a commercial drone pilots license since 2015. I just finished up a project today of a redneck wedding. First time I've ever seen a "foot washing"... but hey.. whatever. I've shot this venue before about 3 years ago, and I know this countryside...
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    This is 50% of why I stay in the business

    We're commercial growers, but do personal grows in the summer. We get about 2-3 older couples a month that know our biz and will reach out to us for questions because they want out of Pharma meds, or that thier Pharma meds have terrible side affects. We'll bring them in, and consult for a couple...
  13. DoubleAtotheRON

    Up late.. hunting armadillo.. I love living in the country.

    This mother fucker has been tearing up my yard for days now. I missed him a few nights ago... too dark and I was a bit lit. Flipped the back flood lights on tonight, there he was.... showtime. I got my 1957 Browning 12G auto and sneaked around the house from the garage..... boom! ... dead. But...
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    Watch for this kid..

    This is my nephew… 16 years old. He gets write ups all the time by college scouts, sports organizations… this kid eats, breathes, basketball.
  15. DoubleAtotheRON

    Gnat Sack .. an idea in the works.

    Hey guys... I have an idea that Im working with a manufacturer on, that would accommodate 3,5,7, and 10 gallon pots. It's basically a formed netting that you put your pot into. It has a cinch drawstring that is at the plant stalk. You can adjust the drawstring as the stalk gets bigger, and also...
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    Rate my budz!

    I though this might be a fun little thread. Rules: Post a pic of your bud. Describe grow method, strain, and other relevant info like the "nose" of you bud (if it smells like hay, just say it) If you have labs results, then post them. Lastly, describe the taste, and affect. You may also include...
  17. DoubleAtotheRON

    AirROS by Sage Industries! No more bud rot!

    Tired of fighting Botrytis, Pathogens, Bacteria, WPM, and other things in your Grow? You want to follow VPD all the way to the finish without worry? Then DM me for more info! I personally use this in my own grow op, and have been authorized by Sage Industries to offer discounts to all RIU...
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    Coco Coir

    Alright. Somebody convince me why running coco is better than soil. I might wanna try it.
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    Any Quest pro's on here?

    Looking to upgrade the dehuey system, and looking for advise on a model from someone who uses one.
  20. DoubleAtotheRON

    Visual Aura?

    Anybody ever get this after working under HID's or LED's?.. It's an event that starts off randomly after exposure to bright lights. It starts as a blind spot in your point of focus. You can't see what you're looking at. Then this C shape starts to develop with flashing diamond/multi-colored...