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  1. Don Gin and Ton

    Problems accessing site

    A mate is having issues accessing the site has had since last night, website not loading and advising 'An unexpected database error has occurred please try again later.' Windows 7 x64 firefox and has also tried on laptop 8.1 x 32 bit same story. Any ideas as to why? Cheers DG&T
  2. Don Gin and Ton

    Jim'll paint it celeb mix up!!
  3. Don Gin and Ton

    Snoopavision !
  4. Don Gin and Ton

    Sativa Growers Club!

    Indoor, outdoor, landrace or new gen hybrid. lets see those sativa divas! love that UP high. I've just set 4 Apollo11 x C99 off in coco. grew panama red a few years back for 6.5 months and loved it. soaring high. few commercial growers have space for anything 9+ these days but most have a...
  5. Don Gin and Ton

    Google's deep dream have fun, post any cool pics. simples. enjoy!
  6. Don Gin and Ton

    using desktop site on mobile issues

    So everytime I use the site on my mobile Nokia 930 it asks me to log in almost constantly every time I try to upload a picture it wipes the post and seems stuck in a loop asking me to log in each time. Any advice?
  7. Don Gin and Ton


    so I see my thread was removed and all the other bullshit ama narcissism clogging t&t remains. if you're going to delete shit at least be consistent. Not even a warning email never mind an explanation. Most new users hit toke n talk and think damn this site's full of dickheads. It's like...
  8. Don Gin and Ton

    BB: DOG KUSH GROW OFF!!! Mans best friend, all welcome.

    Dog Kush or Blue pit or any crosses of if you're running them! Not going to be hard and fast rules, you grow it, how you do your thing. I guess we'll appoint a judge nearer the time. No official end date but seeing as a load of people are pretty ready to go with this it'll be maybe end of...
  9. Don Gin and Ton

    BB grow! DOG Kush (canna cup entry 2012)Deep Blue & Psycho Killer :D

    Welcome old friends and hopefully new to a breeders boutique rolling garden. pheno hunting a pack of psycho killer lemon pledge pheno pips i got special from the breeders and Deep blue for an 8 week wonder. I smoked with those guys at last years canna cup in Adam and the Deep Blue is so sweet...
  10. Don Gin and Ton

    mindless server clog, locked threads and the ignore function discussion

    in light of recent threads being closed for trolls arguing and useless clutter i propose the man at the top change the system. make the ignore button work for thread titles. it won't make the server clog stop, good plus for rolli and the site traffic if/when he sells out. those involved won't...
  11. Don Gin and Ton

    SIR SPAMALOT. sorry no Nobel ideas today maybe Darwin ones suit better

  12. Don Gin and Ton

    I'm righting a thesis on how to make interwebz zillions pm for details

    drink the koolaid guys it's legit
  13. Don Gin and Ton

    i wanna post nonsense like someone else just cos i can

    wooohooo i wanna be president. no wait i'll right :razz: a book. no maybe i'll try causing plant deficiencies to produce more yield. no no wait i've got it i'll just talk crap while people tell me so. have at it. 1 star me see if i care.....
  14. Don Gin and Ton

    anyone ever make a diddley bow?

    trying to source bit's n bobs and wondering if anyone has any advice on what stuff to get i'm thinking humbucker pickup asking me if i want neck or bridge option...
  15. Don Gin and Ton

    anyone making sliders? looking for a nice bowl 18.8

    title says it all really, I'm looking for a nice bowl with an arm. something a bit like this. any blowers do this kind of stuff? rather support someone than pay crazy money to aqualabs
  16. Don Gin and Ton

    Breeders Boutique Grow! Psycho Killer and UK clone only crosses SCROG

    All Breeders Boutique grow.:weed: strains are: Psycho Killer(Jack the Ripper x Deep Psychosis) x Livers/Blues ( UK clone only ) AKA '2 Toke Killer'. f1's : seedlings at the mo Psycho Killer(Jack the Ripper x Deep Psychosis) ( Jack the ripper Dom pheno hunt ) f3's Qrazy Quake Hybrid: Qrazy...
  17. Don Gin and Ton

    Gage Green Columbian Gold

    just wondering if anyone has any pics of these in bloom? thanks Don :leaf:
  18. Don Gin and Ton

    stunted growth. plants growing bushy but not vertical. help please!!??

    my girls are growing really slowly and the node spacing has gotten super tight. the smaller plant is near 2.5 months old and just wont shoot up for love nor money. the lower leaves are just drying to a crisp as the new ones come through. little to no vertical growth. they've been getting...
  19. Don Gin and Ton

    Glass For Sale

    There's a good group of you glass blowers putting up some really nice pieces. I just thought it would be cool to have a central place for you guys to show and sell your stuff!? idk sticky icky icky it maybe?