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  1. ford442

    weed transactions?

    I was just now considering if maybe there is a more limited version of the dispensary's license that individuals could use to exchange weed? anyone heard about something like that? like, you could pay the tax $$ to a thing i suppose...
  2. ford442

    Made a free game for Christmas!

    Check it out - Behexed by And Merry Christmas!! :weed::weed::peace::weed::weed: Maybe I should make a weed themed version...?... :joint::hump:
  3. ford442


    I have this feeling that my mom is hiding some kind of bat-cave under my house.. After squinting around even from Google Earth, it seems like there could be a sub basement syle den down there with even room for automobiles to come and go. Does this sound falmiliar? Who the hell can or needs to...
  4. ford442

    plant covers?

    Hey, I am planing on starting some seedlings outdoors. Does anyone know a good product to keep them safe from sprouting to planting like a miniature greenhouse effect? Something along these lines -
  5. ford442

    How to start a grow against all odds?

    Hey, I have like a witch stopping me every time I start my garden the past few seasons. They will stop me from having time to water. Pretend to help have the beds dug and layed out and then not help. Actually remove and hide tools... So, any suggestions as to starting seedling and getting them...
  6. ford442

    Zero point generator

    Hey, There have been advanced in the field of free energy as we know. Searl technologies has the S.E.G. which is a very complex magnetic generator. So difficult to build that it challenges modern manufacturing. I have been playing around with their principle on my own. What if you simply placed...
  7. ford442

    Wintertime plants

    Got a handful of 2" seedlings started. What can happen? lol.. I'm going to try to keep them alive as long as possible..
  8. ford442

    Oil in eyes

    Hey, I have not told many people about this, partly because it was too strange to describe. A few years ago I happened to drop some weed oil in my eyes. It had an incredibly strange effect! I started chanting dancing and going into a trance for like 9 hours. I ended up being able to breath...
  9. ford442


    These are the only two breeders that I have had 100% good luck with. There are a lot of strains that I consider awesome and reliable, but the companies themselves have let me down somehow eventually except for these. It would be cool if there was more direction for people to top quality reliable...
  10. ford442

    Starting Late..

    Hey, I am just getting ready to crack my seeds here in Northern Cali. My mom has been being a bitch to me and my fiance and has generally caused this late start. Anybody have advice? I am currently getting the soil ready and stuff for outdoor. Should I scramble and get these in as fast as...
  11. ford442


    Hey, My mother has been abusing me for years and now she is getting old and really mean. She has now had my pregnant girlfriend arrested and both of us restrained from my house by telling the police that we were threatening her with violence. She verbally abuses me all day long and has ruined a...
  12. ford442

    Hey Nevada County! Help local ASA..

    Howdy there, I'm sending out word if you're in Nevada County, there IS a local ASA which could use facebook likes and cooperation in order to help Measure S and other things on the legal and political front locally. Come over to to support the...
  13. ford442

    HIV Cure? (After a year of research)

    Guys, I have been researching Hepatitis for my neighbor who is a long time sufferer of that disease. Reading wiki you find that Hep B is the cause of the immunodeficiency allowing in Hep C, D, E, F, G, Gb, and H. If you acquire Hep D in a third world nation, you are inoculated with a vaccine...
  14. ford442

    2013 outdoor strains

    hey guys, i am starting to plan what to order for this year's garden. got a few questions. i have been checking out the site - it has more detailed stats for strains and info on breeders than the seed banks like to tell. coverage of all attitude strains is not there, but...
  15. ford442

    North Korea already smokes! "You might be surprised by what we’re about to say: the most tight-lipped, conservative and controlling country in the world is also a weed-smoker’s paradise. Despite the North...
  16. ford442

    Breaking The Taboo

    This is an amazing documentary released the other day on Youtube narrated by Morgan Freeman - Bill Clinton is there with Jimmy Carter and several other world leaders. I encourage you to watch and share! Well worth the time.
  17. ford442

    watering in ground plants?

    hey, i see a lot of talk about potted/hydro plants and their watering cycles however, i am in the ground with holes 2' D x 3' W. the summer gets to 100F, but right now we are more like 90F.. my friend told me that i could be watering as much as 3 times a day, but that my plants probably wouldn't...
  18. ford442

    Soundcloud users?

    Hey guys, I have made a lot of stoney electronic music. I would love to have you come by and hear some, but also I would like to connect on soundcloud if you write tunes too! So, post your link! Mine is here: Feel free to follow me and I will follow back! :)
  19. ford442

    how to smoke this hash?

    Hey, My father left me one once of hash before he died a few months ago. The things is that it is in a cylinder block that is near impossible to cut. Should i be heating it a little to break it up? Thanks for any input.
  20. ford442

    Ever smoked hemp?

    Anyone here had chance to smoke a hemp bud? did it have any effect? did it taste good/bad? i am just curious.