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  1. yobdub

    Too much nites and cal/mag deficiency?? Help

    This is my buddies plant I gave him while back. Had too many in yard. Barney’s tangerine dream. I have same plants (clones) with no real issues. Not sure exactly what soil he re potted in. He is using basic fox farm grow big and tiger bloom. City water ph’ed to 6.5 ish. I’m using plain old...
  2. yobdub

    Stretching autos. Cut back or what

    Got back into the stuff after a decade or so ago. 3 x 3 grow tent. I feel decent lighting. First batch of skittles auto grow was delightful. Good yield. About two ounces per plant. Popped a couple of white widow beans Auto a while back. They have stretched so bad that I am running out of room...
  3. yobdub

    Back at it again

    Well. Back Again after 10 or 12 years. This will be 100% legal in the fine state of Va. that I live in a month. Getting a little jump start. Thanks governor Northam. And NORML!! It’s about time. Friend gave me 4 small babies. Zkittles auto. Now about 5 weeks old. Looking good. Was planning on...
  4. yobdub

    Can i put em outside now??

    I have 2 white widow plants(clones) that are 2 feet tall and approx. 2 months old. They are under 20/4 flouresant and ready to explode. Mid-Atlantic coast has only 13 hrs. of day light now. QUESTION IS..... Will they go to flower or adjust themselves to natural sun? I need to get them out of...
  5. yobdub

    Advice needed on changing 12/12 schedule

    I'm on 12/12 now with on at at 7pm. I need to change to on at night / off during day. I have heat issues when day temps start getting warmer.. adding heat is no problem but A/C is not an option THANKS RIU PEOPLE bongsmilie
  6. yobdub


    Well, I finally finished my harvest and it went well. :clap: (Thanks to RIU people) I worked my ass off,but the fruits of my labor paid off. 1 white widow-1 mazar -1 night shade... fox farm ocean forest cut with perlite- MG(minimal) for veg - fox farm tiger and big bloom for flower 2-125W/...
  7. yobdub

    just to let u know

    one of my girls changed overnight..........(BARNEYS FARM NIGHTSHADE) Im gonna whack her real early, i dont want her to know its coming THANKS RIU...
  8. yobdub

    EXPERT OPINIONS NEEDED....I cant wait much more

    I need encouragement 1st grow Ready to Blow How Soon can i whack em?? all good stock seed ATTITUDE 1 WW 1 NIGHTSHADE(looks like its gonna be my fav) :weed: 1 MAZAR(shariff?) All 55 days CFL 800 watts(2-125/19-26) FFsoil FF and MG nutes last fert 13 days ago flushed 10 day ago WW 45% cloudy...
  9. yobdub

    HEAT per WATT?? Who can tell me?

    I've seen conflicting info on heat from lighting. does anybody know wher I can find reports on heat output per watt for differant lights CFL vrs. HID Approx 800 watts CFL (1st grow lookin good by the way- pics later) LOTS OF HEAT i would be better off with HID(more lumens per watt, better...
  10. yobdub

    TOO BIG FOR MY what

    plants too tall and wide for my area (thanks to RIU) almost 3 weeks into flower trim? bend? what? first grow