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  1. SirSteely

    Cal Mag Lock out of Deficiency? Whats your opinion

    Plants freshly transplanted into ffof don't really need to be fed so soon. In my opinion. I hope you work it out. Best of luck. Peace
  2. SirSteely

    bodhi seeds

    Lmao! You troll over at the farm, then come here and drop screenshots of the aftermath. Haha You really do act like a school girl. That's why you got banned from the farmer. Thanks for the laugh! Btw: Learn how to ratio your cal mag. It will help your garden child.
  3. SirSteely

    No pest strips in living space

    Why are you getting consistent infestations? Would be my question. If HSPS can contaminate food, why can't it contaminate flowers?
  4. SirSteely

    DMT Anxiety?

    I need to see the mechanical elves at the end of time. I need this.
  5. SirSteely

    Silk Road operator Ross Ulbricht sentenced to life in prison

    Where the fxck will I score my LSD now?
  6. SirSteely

    Hypocrisy Thy Name Is Union - Unions Demand Exemption From LA's $15 Minimum Wage

    In LA there are freaking unions everywhere. To be a secretary working for the county, you'll join a union. Nurses, taxi drivers, etc etc. There are many minimum wage entry level union jobs in LA. Just saying.
  7. SirSteely

    keep finding seeds

    If you have dully developed seeds they are not a late nanner issue. Those seeds took 4-6 weeks to mature. Shes probably throwing a male flower or two out in early flower.
  8. SirSteely

    some one help..

    Clear your browser history.
  9. SirSteely


    Your jarring too soon. Let those stems snap before you jar it.
  10. SirSteely

    Do you have any harvest rituals?

    I thank the plant for growing true for me and praise it for helping me, then I chop.
  11. SirSteely

    disappointed with 'shrooms..over and over

    Drive through the FL panhandle going east on I-10. When you get to mile marker 107 look right, between the rolling hills you will see a lake. Hunt the open fields and woods around the lake for a very potent strain of p. cubensis. April 15th-Aug 1st. Parking not recommended. Happy hunting.
  12. SirSteely

    Jack Skellington pheno search

    I ran my Jack Skellington about 4x. She was a beauty and a yielder. Had a nice sour tangerine flavor that was epic after 90+ day cure. Like candy. The high was intense, slightly speedy, but if you smoked too much it was lights out. Alas I let her go because she was picky and I needed something...
  13. SirSteely

    why are my buds all hairs and leaves?

    Looks like a haze dominate plant in early flower. Wait 3 weeks. It gets better. Patience is key. Best of luck. Peace
  14. SirSteely

    why are my buds all hairs and leaves?

    If it looks like this, it's not a bad thing. But be careful you are not using too much N.
  15. SirSteely

    Club 600

    Haven't popped in in awhile. Still killing it with my 600w. Just made my own home crosses by selecting a male Sour Bubble and hitting him to my ladies. OverDrive OG (RaskalsOG pheno)x Sour Bubble RugBurnOg x Sour Bubble Sour Bubble f2
  16. SirSteely

    disappointed with 'shrooms..over and over

    Sometimes the mushroom shaman just doesn't like the guy knocking on his door and refuses to answer.
  17. SirSteely

    can anyone make a carbon filter recommendation?

    I have a phresh filter 3 years old , still working good.
  18. SirSteely

    Is this plant ready?

    She needs a solid 10-14 days more. You will not regret being patient. Best of luck. Peace
  19. SirSteely

    The Cali Connection

    Oh. I got a nice Og out of CC freebie. Best of luck.