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  1. Sir Napsalot

    "Let's go Brandon" is the rallying cry of the defeated

    I suppose it helps to ease the pain of losing so miserably
  2. Sir Napsalot

    Trump boat parade in FL

    Okay, so it wasn't as much a "parade" as a disorganized bunch of Trumpers in boats festooned with Trump regalia milling about in the bay and generally being in the way of normal people trying to go fishing, but the woman who posted video to twitter said there were "hundreds" of boats, whereas...
  3. Sir Napsalot

    Stephen Miller's wife has the coronavirus

    "Gee, that's too bad."
  4. Sir Napsalot

    Jeopardy trolls Trump

    From Monday night's game: History Across America for $200 "The largest crowd in the history of the National Mall was an estimated 1.8 million people celebrating this January 2009 event" LOL
  5. Sir Napsalot

    Should I be feeding during this rain?

    I haven't given my plants anything since moving them under cover a couple of days ago and still have a couple more days of rain in the forecast, they seem to be doing fine but I'm wondering what people's thoughts are on the subject. Thanks for any insights.
  6. Sir Napsalot

    This is my 1000th post

    I'm drinking orange booze out of a 100 year-old cup made out of cow horn, smoking GG12 that I grew on my patio out of a pipe made of fossilized walrus ivory and playing electronic battleship