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  1. Rocket Soul

    Hosting refugees

    Does anyone want to share their experiences or talk about what hosting refugees as a private citizen is like? What are your motivations, what was the event that pushed you over the line? What piece of knowledge do you wish you had before taking people in?
  2. Rocket Soul

    New Sammie chip, LM301B EVO New chip, doesn't seem like it's available yet. The blurb talks about color rendering and higher efficacy, up to 235lum/w, new reflector in the case and more efficient...
  3. Rocket Soul

    Bridgelux vero gen 8

    Announced in their web, no datasheets as of yet. Id expect discounts on gen 7 thru digi...
  4. Rocket Soul

    Anybody heard of THCP - 30 x stronger than thc? Anyone with more knowledge about this?
  5. Rocket Soul

    Anyone grown Blue Trap strain?

    As per title does anyone know anything on this strain? My growbuddy just picked supposedly elite clones so any info would be appreciated
  6. Rocket Soul

    Cutters Solstrip builds 5050/3030

    I still dont get why we arent seeing more of these, has anybody built a light or included these in their build? Especially keen on seeing those 5050 high power diodes applied.
  7. Rocket Soul

    Solar DC as driver input

    Basicly im trying to figure out if i can use the DC - current from an array of solar panels to power a led driver. Normally a solar installation has batteries and an inverter to transform the power to AC. As led already runs on DC i wanna bypass batteries and inverter to power the driver...
  8. Rocket Soul

    Floraflex dry nutrients

    Anybody using these? They say they are ultra ph stable also it looks like they have easy distribution in the EU, not only states.
  9. Rocket Soul

    Dwc system with cooler

    Is there any dwc system sold internationally which includes a cooler? If no, what systems are rec for dwc? Im in EU region
  10. Rocket Soul

    Bridgelux eb strips Gen 3

    Supposedly arriving soon as per @mr. Amsterdam so it needs a thread for reference. 90 cri versions aswell, like we seen on bridgelux vesta.
  11. Rocket Soul

    Pump outside the res

    Looking for solutions... Need a pump that can sit outside the res so it doesnt heat it up. Doesnt need to be insanely strong, it will be responsible of making a waterfall effect to oxygenate the res. Anyd ideas?
  12. Rocket Soul

    Meanwell HEP-series

    Ao anyone knows tye difference between meanwell HLG series and the HEP- series? Saw a HEP-480-54A at arrow and lo and behold its a bit more expensive than the hlg, is there an added value to going with the HEP-480?
  13. Rocket Soul

    Infrared supplementation for leds.

    Anyone tried infrared led supplementation, hopefully in some kinda side-by-side? Im talking of real infrared, 850/950 nm, not far red, 730 nm. Ive seen annectodal talk about helping flowering or budset. I also seem to remember @Growmau5 using a few infra red diodes on one of his DIY fixtures...
  14. Rocket Soul


    Not really a led related question but offering it here cause this where theres more knowledge on gear.... Does anyone know of a brand of thermometer/RH meter that calculates and displays VPD/vapor pressure deficit? Links?
  15. Rocket Soul

    Waterproofing ledstrips and intracannopy lighting.

    Im looking into waterproofing ledstrips, standard 2 foot/560mm, 30mm wide (i just cant can over those Vesta strips). Does anyone know of any solutions for sale already so i dont have to go all in DIY? Basicly looking for some kinda diffuser with a metal backboard for heatsinking where my...
  16. Rocket Soul

    Leaf temps under LED/LEC/HPS

    What leaf temps are people getting under different light sources (led/cmh/hps) in comparison to ambient? At what light levels do you get this temp? How much do you factor this in to calcultating VPD? The troubled grow is one that just went from HPS (well dialed in) to CMH (having calcium...
  17. Rocket Soul

    Violet based phosphor leds

    From time to time ive seen people mention these violet based high cri phosphor leds. Theres Yuji leds, and i think Toshiba and Soraa also does them. Their spectrum starts around 400nm and the low K spectrums give off a lot of far red/ir, the bits that are usually lacking (and added as...
  18. Rocket Soul

    Basil flower tea?

    Im growing basil outside in my terrace. In order to get nice big fat leaves you have to stop it from flowering by pruning or topping the stem, removing the dlowering tip. So every few days i have loads of these apical tops that go to waste. Is tere any way to use these flowers and prebuds for...
  19. Rocket Soul

    Vegging with 3000k 90cri

    Has anyone tried this using any brand? What where your observations? Would you (for a full cycle fixture)make a panel all 3000k 90cri and add supplemental blue for vegg or use 3000/3500/4000k 80cri and use supplemental red for flower? Just being curious what people think