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    LSD online shops..

    any of you ever buy LSD from online shops? I havent tripped in about 25 years, recently ate some mushrooms that really made me miss the old days. Unfortunately, it has been decades since I have been around/knew anyone that could hook me up with some. Went through the Tor browser and found a few...
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    Biden hates marijuana and all you pot heads.
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    The Plug seedbank

    Anyone know anything about these guys? I received a freebie called Sorbet that looks interesting, as well as their other strains look interesting, but I have never heard of them before this recent seed purchase.
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    Growerslights bad review...

    Ordered a light set pre-assembled on 11/1. I got a confirmation email on 11/2 (Friday). On 11/5 I get a new email saying due to very high number of orders they are behind and it would be 7-9 business days before arriving. A week later I call and they said it would be here by the end of the next...
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    Where can I find the HLG 260....

    with 3500 spectrum in stock? Any ideas? I don't know the good LED light companies to order from. Been checking out growerslights but they don't have any 3500 in stock, either 3k or 4k.
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    Thinking of adding a few of these to a 3x3....

    is it a good deal?
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    What is wrong with this LED?
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    Obama Bombs

    Where are all the "I hate Bush people" at now? When it is Obama dropping the bombs, they have some dumb ass excuses why it is ok... HYPOCRITES. The U.S. Government is made...
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    The party of hate and violence. The world has changed again. Now it is the liberals who are full of hate, venom, and violence, attacking anyone who doesnt agree with them.
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    Love Triangle, Angelica, Purple Wookie, Blueberry Snow

    Any info on any of these Bodhi strains? Bodhi thread moves way too fast to actually ask and especially receive answers. Also throw in Blood Orange X Genius Thai.
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    Great Lake Genetics and Attitudes Promos.

    I made 2 orders for this 4/20 promotion.. One from Great lake Genetics and one from Attitudes. They both arrived today. I have ordered from many different seed banks over the years and I continue to return to Attitudes for overall satisfaction. That has now changed. After receiving my order...
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    Birthday promo finally announced....

    Looks good and I will be all over it.
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    Elemental Seeds.. 5th Element.

    Good stuff... very unique, robust smell and taste. The buzz is pretty damned powerful as well.
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    Wow, good job University of Mississippi (Ole Miss)
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    Obama and Bush

    There are many more similarities than there are differences. If I were a Republican I think I would like Obama more than i would if I were a Democrat. As a Centrist I think Obama has done some really good things and some really bad things but on average he is more on the Republican side of...
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    500 million dollar training program in Syria....

    suspended after Syrian rebels turn their weapons and equipment supplied by the U.S. over to Al Qaeda.... Our country is ran by the dumbest men and women in America. After initial denials...
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    George Zimmerman is sub-human. Even if it were really self-defense, you have to be a heartless psychopath to take pride in doing what he did. He is disgusting.
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    Read this article and couldnt help but think of....

    WKI in his Ivory Tower...
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    Bernie rebounds with overflow crowd... 28000 according to the article. Standing room only and 9k turned away.
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    Seedsman African Buzz (Malawi Gold)

    Grew out a handful of these awhile back. For awhile I was not very impressed with this strain. It was OK in all aspects but nothing to really stand out. I had a jar put back that recently hit 60 days. Decided to give it a try a couple of nights ago and it was much better. Psychoactive as hell...