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  1. Trichy Bastard

    Constructing a Homebrew Atomix Air-Atomized Aeroponic System

    Okay guys... Time for a new project... I started this adventure in: and had a little detour playing around with the Aerolife AA system: ... Now...
  2. Trichy Bastard

    Testing the Aerolife True HPA AA (Air Atomized) System -First run

    Hi guys, most of you who know me know that I have taken a huge interest in true high pressure aeroponics, and also passing on all of the debunked knowledge I have gained along the way. It seems 99% of the public and commercial interests in the sector are a bit off base in understanding how to...
  3. Trichy Bastard

    True HP Aero For 2011

    Hi guys- it's 2011 and there is alot of good info out there on true High Pressure Aeroponics by now. There is still alot of :mrgreen:"aeronneous":mrgreen: info out there too. I have been on quite a forum hopping adventure the last few months, and feel I have sifted through and extracted enough...
  4. Trichy Bastard

    Aero Grow Babies with Suspected Root Rot-Any Help Appreciated

    High guys... I haven't grown in 20 years or so, but used to get fine results with hydro back in my teen years. I am trying to use a dominaero propagation chamber to get some seedlings started (documented in journal). There is an ultrasonic fogger on 24 hours, and some low pressure spinners...
  5. Trichy Bastard


    Hey, I finally became a real member after reading half the site the last couple months. I live in Hawaii and I used to play around with hydro ebb/flow+Dynagrow about 20 years ago when I was 15. I havent done much since then except a single potted plant named virgil (Luckily it was a she- (I...