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  1. kaneboy

    Lucky Dog Seed Co.

    Diesel therapy 1st Sunshine biscuits 2nd around 5 weeks flower D therapy is straight lemon smelling Biscuits is a skunky diesel reek very impressed with both
  2. kaneboy

    Dutch Passion Fam

    I grew out a pack of Dutch passion Skywalker and found some awesome different tasting phenos,but that was a really long time ago
  3. kaneboy

    Enter the Dungeon! New and Improved Dungeons Vault Genetics

    Jersey Mike 2nd week flower
  4. kaneboy

    Lucky Dog Seed Co.

    Sunshine biscuits 1st pic diesel therapy 2nd pic 2nd week into flower canna terra soil greenplanet dual fuel,rezin,massive bloom nutes
  5. kaneboy

    Lucky Dog Seed Co.

    The chem fuego I have is really awesome . People's own experiences is great to read and learn from,not everyone gets the same overall results but keep looking im sure it's hiding somewhere ,that's the joy of growing .
  6. kaneboy

    CSI humboldt thread

    Has anyone grown out csi girl scout cookies s1?
  7. kaneboy

    Watering options

    Self watering spikes ,easiest way and don't cost heaps
  8. kaneboy

    My Vortex Seed Plan

    Awesome plan best of luck
  9. kaneboy

    Lucky Dog Seed Co.

    Sunshine biscuit and diesel therapy vegging 3 weeks under t5s
  10. kaneboy

    Breeders direct seed co

    They are excellent, helpful and have awesome ways to pay,definitely top notch
  11. kaneboy

    Lucky Dog Seed Co.

    Thanks for the Thanks ButNotToday ,just listened to this podcast ,wow was really enjoyable listening to this chemdog podcast lots of info I've never heard of cheers man
  12. kaneboy

    Lucky Dog Seed Co.

    So looking around jb cut is Looking at skunk va's instragram it has in comments that jbs cut is actually a sour d cut ,dont know what's fact or fiction, looks awesome all the same and can't wait to give it a go,would love to know where Joe's cut is from and how it's interlinked in chemdog lore
  13. kaneboy

    Lucky Dog Seed Co.

    Pulled the trigger and got a pack of Chem brand jb cut ,anyone got this one growing yet?
  14. kaneboy

    Best Chem in seed form, one can actually get??

    From my years doing it best probably is now ,lucky dog has awesome genetics ,you are guaranteed to get numerous keepers in each pack and you can actually buy,topdawg is another who has awesome genetics ,ive grown his stardawg and its also pure filth but to get his seeds is way to hard ,days of...
  15. kaneboy

    Lucky Dog Seed Co.

    next round is about to kick off,on top of the dogpatch in veg and chem fuego clone im chucking sunshine biscuits and diesel therapy into the mix,so just wondering if anybody has grown d therapy and sunshine b and what they found
  16. kaneboy

    Best Chem in seed form, one can actually get??

    Luckydog definitely
  17. kaneboy

    Favorite current breeders/strains right now!

    dungeon vault genetics luckydog seeds greenpoint seeds
  18. kaneboy

    Breeders direct seed co

    ive ordered about 5 times from these guys and had excellent service and responses when i emailed them,will definately buy more i want all the lucky dog genetics lol i am a seed addict
  19. kaneboy

    Who's your favorite breeder?

    Lucky dog seeds Sow good seeds Dungeon vault Greenpoint seeds
  20. kaneboy

    Stinkiest nastiest foulest strains you've ever grown?

    chem dd rez08 raindance greenpoint seeds