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  1. Impregnant

    Never seen before. Strange spots on the leaves.

    Hello everybody. Does anyone could help me with this? DWC with Lucas Formula at 0.8 EC. Ph 5.8
  2. Impregnant

    Water Chemistry and PH raise.

    Hello everyone. I just dived into hydroponics... and I'm already drowning... o_O Well, i have 8 plants in two box + a third maintenance box for a total volume of 70L. Roots are not submerged as i use 360degrees sprinklers. It is may be called Aero.. Here is my problem: I use RO water which is...
  3. Impregnant

    Clones turning yellow in the center.

    Hello guys, Here you can see 10 clones of Sweet Zombie: I've started them in Root Riot cube. I've been late with my RDWC system so i put them in this home made cloner by the time i'm ready. It's difficult to maintain sufficient humidity in the mini greenhouse, that's why I put them inside...
  4. Impregnant

    MaxiSeries GHE feeding chart.

    Hello everybody, Sorry to ask about this, i've searched before. I've lost the table which was stapled on the packaging, so i've made a search on internet. Here is my problem. I've found 2 tables, who are quite differents. I count in liters and grams. I'm running an RDWC. So i've made the...