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  1. Hugo Phurst

    Cryogenic ISO Extraction, anyone do it?

    I was wondering how feasible it would be to use dry ice to dry some weed, and at the same time chill some ISO to cryogenic temperatures, do a nice hour long wash and then use a still to get the oil and reclaim the ISO? Any knowledge? Ideas?
  2. Hugo Phurst

    Where she's at, beginning week 6

    Bag seed auto, DWC &CMH. First showed sex early Dec. Been fighting Cal def since 2nd week, that's when the stems started go purple too. I'm thinking 3 weeks left. Opinions and criticisms are welcome.
  3. Hugo Phurst

    Topping late in veg.

    I've never kept a plant in veg this long before and she's getting a bit too tall (36"), it will be about 3 weeks or so until I flip her. Would it be OK to top about 6" you think? I started a perpetual grow and this girl got bumped by an unintentional auto-flower, so until there's a spot...
  4. Hugo Phurst

    OG & WW seeds N.S.

    I should have done my research.....:wall: I have a bunch of OG Kush & White Widow auto seeds that I'm not going to use, anybody in N.S. want them?
  5. Hugo Phurst

    Question on time-frame of sexing to bud

    It's been two full weeks since I was able to sex this girl. Shouldn't she be a little more "developed"? Or am I just jumping the gun. Bag seed, OG Kush maybe. I just raised ph to 6.1 to aid in a slight Calcium def. Sensi A&B,B52 Temps 20C max DWC Bubbler, lots of air. Single (for now) 315 CMH...
  6. Hugo Phurst

    It's a Girl =) Well I'm pretty sure

    First go at a perpetual grow. :mrgreen: Moved her into Flower 8 days ago, DWC Bubbler, 1x315w CMH 3,000K (more CMH to come). Looks like female pre-flowers to me. Valentines looks like her due date:leaf:
  7. Hugo Phurst

    DWC, perpetual grow and aCMH

    Just where I'm at right now.
  8. Hugo Phurst

    Harvest today or Monday?

    Your opinions please.
  9. Hugo Phurst

    A month less a day.

    Just showing off. Flipped to 12/12 4th Dec. 4 (supposedly) Green Crack clones, 2 bag seed, 4X8 tent, 2 X 600W HPS and 1 X 400W MH (1600W total). This is my second soil grow since moving to my new place, I was DWC before. The first crop failed in flower, got maybe 8oz of shitty bud. This...
  10. Hugo Phurst

    Pretty, but does it look like a phophorus deficiency to you?

    6 weeks into flower, unknown strain. Room is cool, not cold. Except for the colours, the plant seems OK. I've never seen this before, so my best guess is that it's a phophorus deficiency. Your opinions please.
  11. Hugo Phurst

    Tip - How to take pics, with the lights on

    Taking pics under natural light can be a pain, if not impossible sometimes. So I've had to learn how to take pics in the grow area, while the lights are on. This pic is taken in Macro mode, full zoom, HPS and MH lights. Sucks, doesn't it. Same as above, but with flash, still sucks Here's...
  12. Hugo Phurst

    Landlord in Grow room

    Like the title Landlord told me that he visited my grow. He said that my plants were crowded and I should get more light. So I've just ordered another 600W and a 400W. My rent includes electricity, so for all the extra power I'm going to use, I mow the lawns and take care of the...
  13. Hugo Phurst

    Your knowledge of Flowers please.

    I have three strains growing side by side (bag seed). They're around week 3 of flower. The difference in size, leaf shape and colour, I understand. What I don't get, is the almost toatl lack of pistils on 2 of the plants, while the 3rd is just as I'd expect. This plant started producing trichs...
  14. Hugo Phurst

    Trichs forming before flowers?

    I'm not worried, and I'm taking it as a good sign... It's the beginning of the 2nd week of flower, and the leaves at the top of one plant have started to turn frosty without a pistil in sight. It's the first time I've seen this, but I'm new, so what do I know. Anybody else? Should I maybe...
  15. Hugo Phurst

    Full Bush VS Lollypopping

    I’m running a bit of an experiment here. I have 3 plants in various stages of flower. One is fully lollypopped, trimmed and cleaned, second was lollypopped, but not trimmed or cleaned up before flower, the third was allowed to go “au natural”. Last week of flower for the Full Bush, so...
  16. Hugo Phurst

    Herm, or am I mistaken?

    I just sampled a bud, this is what's threre tody. Your opinions please.:leaf:
  17. Hugo Phurst

    can you tell the difference between strains of weed?

    Is it possible to tell the difference between two strains before they flower? I found a few seeds in 2 batches of commercial weed and grew them. The guy I got the weed from was qute interested in my grow, and he did some checking. He says that I have OG Kush (chemo weed) and AK47. I can tell the...
  18. Hugo Phurst

    My plants. DWC & CFL's

    I presently have 6 plants in DWC and under CFL's. 3 vegging and 3 flowering. I also have another 5 in pots waiting to go DWC. I'm trying for 1 plant to harvest every 3 or 4 weeks. So when I cut down a plant, I progress everything behind it, and move a potted plant to DWC. Here's todays pics...
  19. Hugo Phurst

    Not enough light

    I have a DWC set up, and am using CFL's for light. I've come to realize (by reading other threads) that my lighting is woefully inadequate. So I decided that I needed to more than double the power of my grow. I scraped together all I could afford, and bought an entry level 600W HPS lamp...