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    Closet CFL grow V3.1 update

    3 weeks into flower, the two on the outsides are from the best seeded bagseed Ive ever smoked, the one in the middle is either a pure power plant, afghan, skunk 1, master kush, or nirvana special. I got the indoor mix from Nirvana, and mixed they were. A little bit of pink hair action in one of...
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    My personal GARDEN

    Just a few pics from today. Started flowering on the 21st of March. The first and third pic are bagseed, the 2nd (and largest of the three) is an Indoor mix from Nirvana. So it could be Skunk#1 Master Kush Afghan PPP or Nirvana Special, Who knows. It's kinda shitty when they throw em all in the...
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    Plant the planet 4:20 2009

    Anyone else in this with me? Been saving seeds for some time now. Have 80-100 that I will Disperse throughout the planet on said date, maybe a few days before or after depending on weather. Id like em to have the best chance at maturity. Gonna put em everywhere
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    Closet CFL grow V3.1

    Just a new grow , finally getting in order. F.F. OF soil F.F. Liquid nutes. 2 and 3 gallon pots, Lots of CFL's 18/6 lighting The 2 taller mature plants were flowered from seed, both are fems but were revegged back to 18/6 when I started the new little ones, so they had some serious under...
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    Need second opinion!!! PICS!!!!

    A little history on these two. Both flowered after 2 weeks of veg, both female. Turned the lights back to 18/6 to veg a little longer, and have had serious problems ever since. I'm using FF O.F soil, FF Liquid Nutes. Run off ph is 6.8, I gave them a good flush right when I started noticing...
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    Best ph meter under $75

    My buddy is looking for a decent ph meter along with the calibration solutions for around 80$ What do you have and how much cheddar did ya spend on it. Do you find it to be accurate?
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    Help with lighting options

    I have (2) 4 bulb 48" fluorescent fixtures. They will be lining the top of my 40"h x 48"w x 24"d Mother clone veg box. Should I go with 8 agrosun 40w full spectrum bulbs for 16.99 each or just get 5 6500k and 3 2700 k bulbs for 3$ a piece. They are all 2650 lumens and 40 w . Which will work...
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    12/12 back to 18/6

    I had 2 plants about 8 inches tall that I put into flower to sex them, they have both shown female sex, I just switched them back to 18/6 because I want them to veg a bit longer, what are the down sides other than adding a couple weeks to the grow time.
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    Reconstructing My Garden Closet

    Ok Fellas, and ladies. Need a little help here. I have a 28"deep 53" wide 96" tall closet that I currently use for my garden. I want to separate the closet into 2 grow spaces. The bottom area for a single mother/clone/veg room. The top as a 6 spot flowering room. I will build a Veg Box on the...
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    Why so many hermies

    One of my buddies is having a serious problem with Hermies. He started with 18 plants total under an 800w dual (2) 400w (MH and HPS) Hes growing in 1.5 gallon 6" Diameter 12" deep containers, He ended up with 9 fems, 5 of which have grown buds and balls, What are the odds, None are the same...
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    Which ones to grow?

    Master Kush Afghan Pure power plant Skunk #1 Since my seeds were all sent in the same ziplock, I have no Idea which is which. 6 of the 10 seeds are surely identifiable as they are exact replicas of one another, the other 4 Its hard to tell them apart. Kind of sucks they do it that way, but...
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    Nirvana shop review

    Just a review. Ordered and paid on 1/1/09 Order packaged 1/5/09 Order shipped 1/6/09 Order received at house 1/16/09 10 days total from store to door. The package itself was very stealth. Where they were inside, not so much. I am however disappointed that all the seeds came...
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    How Cold is it near you????

    Walked out of the house this morning to -10 f the wind chill is -40 f . THATS FUCKING COLD. I set a glass of water outside, 17 minutes later it was frozen solid. Just wondering what its like in your neck of the woods
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    3 way ph/moisture/light meter

    Anyone know what unit of measurement these measure in? It is graduated 0-2000 but it just says light on one side and dark on the other. Its a 2 prong model that you stick in the soil, I have found it useless for reading soil ph so I use it as a moisture gauge, and to check amount of light...
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    Pot plant shaped like pot leaf

    How do you like this FUCKING THING!!! A POT PLANT SHAPED LIKE A POT LEAF!!! Sorry about double posting this pic, but after viewing my previous post in the harvesting curing forum, I figured this was worth a shot in the General Forum. And a shot of that bad ass COLA
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    Hardcore cfl buds!!!!!!

    Bagseed, under 500w of cfls, flowering for 70 days(flowered from seed), midway through 2 week flush. Most fans have died off, Trichs 70/30 cloudy/ amber. T minus ONE WEEK TO GO. It was topped twice, and supercropped (all while on 12/12) She had a bad case of Nute fuckup late in flowering so shes...
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    Reflectors a reflecting!!!

    I have always wondered what a difference a reflector would make on my homemade super multi CFL fixture. Thinking I was losing too much light upwards, I decided to make a half assed cardboard reflector with Mylar Lining to model a future hand bent aluminum one. Well the results are astonishing...
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    Just ordered from Nirvana

    Hopefully they are still reputable. I got the indoor mix Master Kush, Afghan, PPP, and Skunk #1 2 of each, Hopefully they will yield a girl from each....I hope Good price though!!!! Anyone tried this mix.....? Any results???
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    Coffee filter to strain cannabutter?

    Just like it says folks, can you use a coffee filter to strain the leaf out of cannabutter? Rather than cheesecloth, which you would think would be easy to find but.....Nope No one has it
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    Taking forever

    Flowered from seed, sprouted 9/9/08 and still not done.She didnt show sex until 10/6 though. This may be the downside to CFLs .....super slow finishing. But the Bud looks/smells FANTASTIC. About 30% amber on the top cola slowly starting to turn amber on the lower buds. I'd say a week and a half...