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  1. BigSco508

    Tiki Madman

    PH or heat issue ?
  2. BigSco508

    NYC Piff S1 seeds

    If it was the true Church it would be more like $5000 a pack for a S1 but they ain't ever doing that .
  3. BigSco508


    It's hard to call something a bad run if you have 3 or 4 phenos of 3 different hybrids. When they could all call for different environments and ppm's and also lighting to shine , unless something went wrong and you know it then yeah . :wink:
  4. BigSco508


    What was that sorry i couldn't hear you over the Vacuum sealer and the Bean counter ? :rolleyes:
  5. BigSco508


    No worries Boss and this is just a suggestion idc who you buy your clones /snips from but for the love of god get them from someone that has had their cuts HLVd tested it's a must unless you know the person and still even then . Now for all i know AJN has done so and if not you might wanna...
  6. BigSco508


    She is a He by the way and i'm sure she will poke her nipples in here at some point try PMing her !
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    You really shouldn't have to pay 100 a month to be on that site to sell clones it's laughable then again i never messed with strianly so i don't know how many people use them what the overhead is against cost . I can't see them making anyone but small time players and rip off artist any money so...
  8. BigSco508


    Update Data x 4 & Divinity # 35 X Dip'N Stix x 4 Start of week 2 of flower before i lollipop for the last time .
  9. BigSco508

    Looking for the skunkiest roadkill smelling strain...

    Just food for thought so we can all get a take on other peoples perspective of a skunk by this true story . I gave my pops who is 65 years old some Oz Stomper bred by sunken treasure seeds mind you well it smells like that good good it's nowhere close to smelling like a skunk . So he put it...
  10. BigSco508

    Led guys chime in

    Just break down and buy a Gavita Pro 1700E and the UV bar if you want a real comparison or at the very least go HLG .
  11. BigSco508

    True one hitter quitter?

    Their is no such thing as a one hitter quitter because everyone is different and has different highs they hope to achieve. That being the case some ones one hitter quitter could be nothing to someone else so i digress true on hitter quitter is like bigfoot you hear the tales but never actual...
  12. BigSco508


    Tropicana Cookies ( Mtn. Cut ) sourced from BSF x Wedding Cake F2
  13. BigSco508


    Tropical torte was good better then some of the 250 usd packs tbh
  14. BigSco508

    Unicorn Poop ?

    :wall: You must be a Cali cat with that question just think the opposite of Runtz candy flavored and more along of what us Grown folks call Real weed ! Uni Poop is GMO x Sophisticated Lady breed buy Thug Pug
  15. BigSco508

    ROOTS!! Big props, RIU.

    Congrats now you can go for the week 7 of flower cutting for clone /Reveg !
  16. BigSco508

    Sunken Treasure Seeds

    Man looking killer going to have to step my camera game up ! Iphone 12 ain't cutting the mustard !
  17. BigSco508

    Sunken Treasure Seeds

    Just sent my bud a few Heart Breaker and High Macs to hunt threw myself. Hoping he finds the one so i'll apologize now if it on his site for 10g's later on . :rolleyes:
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    Prime crystal if it was up to me . But hey who the fuck am i ! :rolleyes:
  19. BigSco508

    Bloom Seed Co

    Well if we are talking limited or exclusive packs that price isn't bad but then again most higher hyped stuff is around that price range 250-300 a pack and they will continue to do so in till no ones buys it anymore . Best case just buy the packs you really want their is flame everywhere but...
  20. BigSco508

    Which deficiency is this?

    Looks like a case of Pink Eye to me ! :rolleyes: