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  1. sb101

    met my first real life (other) rollitupper last night

    so i go to a bbq/party last night with a friend of mine, and next thing you know i'm talkin to this cute chick who has her own closet grow and as soon as i asked her if she used any forums - Rollitup! yep, that was pretty cool. got kinda drunk and don't remember her sn but oh well, i just...
  2. sb101

    kush berry

    Anyone ever have any experience growing this? a friend of mine who is new to growing just picked up 6 seeds from a dispensary in socal for something like $80!!! :shock: i'm a little skeptical, thinkin these better be amazing genetics. Anyways, just lookin for somebody who knows anything about...
  3. sb101

    Jesus Laughed

    for any of you who grew up in the church, this is a bit of a trip... anyways i'm stoned, ya'll might enjoy as well :joint::hump:
  4. sb101

    how long ya think?

    ok so i've got a bunch of ladies starting their 7th week of flower and 2 are looking really close to done, one of them looks like i'll be putting her into 48 hrs of dark in the next day or two i think? thing is, i sprayed them with neem oil say 8 days ago, so should i wait 14 days before...
  5. sb101

    like my closet grow?

    hey guys what do you think of my grow? i'm just learning, this is my third harvest and i have very little space to work with. still i'm making the best of it and am using my ~ 2 1/2' x 3 1/2' closet with a 400w HPS i got from HTGS, a 150w HPS that i got from china (one of those 30 bux lights...
  6. sb101

    leaf upcurl

    not just the tip, but the edges of the leaf are curling up too, what kind of nutrient overload/deficiency is this? thanks for the help
  7. sb101

    plant problems 3-4 weeks into flower!

    hey guys, help me out here i'm having trouble diagnosing some of this. i have 5 flowering plants right now, and 3 of em aren't looking great. well they're looking good but i don't know. the smallest of the three that are having a few problems has some major claw going on. i know pH has been an...
  8. sb101

    anybody ever try HTGSupply's starter kits?

    i have a friend who is about to start growing medicinal so she doesn't have to keep wasting her money at the clinic. i've looked at HTGSupply's starter kits that have pretty much everthing except a ppm/pH meter but look to be pretty nice for the price...between 275-350 before shipping. anybody...
  9. sb101

    legalization article

    nice new legalization article just posted on CNBC :hug:
  10. sb101

    haha damn. florida bust.

    sucks for this dude :shock:
  11. sb101

    quick dry

    ok so i don't hang the entire tree, i cut off large branches and let'em hang dry for what i thought was right at around 5 days...the thing is, i'm in this crazy dry southern california weather, and my first harvest was too dry after i left it for 4 days! this time worked a little better i've...
  12. sb101

    mass decriminalization

    nice article. another one is only a matter of time before the entire U.S. is decriminalized :-P:leaf::clap:
  13. sb101

    help! purple?

    alright you guys ever see leaves turn purple?? on one of my baby clones that is exactly what's happening. i don't really know what i'm doing wrong but all of my clones and the super healthy lady i was gonna use as a mom are starting to yellow older fan leaves are dying. i was gone for a week...
  14. sb101

    automatic watering

    i'm gonna be away for a week and i can't really get anybody to water my plants. anybody ever use these? or know of any other products i could use to keep my babies watered...
  15. sb101

    problems 3 wks into flower

    indoor growing, 3 weeks into flower. everything is seeming to have problems. my veg area there is yellowing and some 'claw' with some leaves actually turning white after they go yellow. down in my flower spot the 4 ladies have purple/deep red stems and the fan leaves are turning yellow and...
  16. sb101

    pH lockout guide

    can somebody post the pH lockout chart that shows at what pH certain nutrients get locked out? i have what looks to be a nitrogen deficiency on one of my ladies and phosphorous on another, i don't know but i think it may be an issue of pH i'm only 3 weeks into flowering and i'm seeing a lot of...
  17. sb101

    transplant during flower?

    hey so i just found out a friend has to get rid of his ladies that are 2 weeks into flower. they're about 2 ft tall and i definitely have space for them but i'd be putting them in with my soil grow, could i throw the rockwool in soil and just let em go like the next 6 weeks and hope for a decent...
  18. sb101

    curing question

    hey guys, so i just chopped my first harvest, already smoked 40g that were my first two plants that hermied out near the end, and got a second payload of 70g from another two plants that were gorgeous to the end. so i chopped em and hung em to dry em, i used small branches though and in...
  19. sb101

    classic nitrogen deficiency?

    so i'm using pre-nute'd soil and kinda lost track of when they were supposed to run out...bah. haha but they're just my veg babies haven't been looking over them that well noticed a bit of yellowing and now it's gone full fledged with the two WW, everybody else is looking alright the couple...
  20. sb101

    a little unhealthy

    so i'm onto my second grow, and one of my plants has some leaves that are looking good, but have little burnt spots it looks like, or more like small rusty spots in the middle of the leaf. these are for leaves nearer to the bottom, not the whole plant and it isn't affecting all that much of the...