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  1. Turpman

    PPM and EC discussion

    Sorry i should have included if your "ppm" is can let it rise to a point. But after that point you will run into over fertilizing issues.
  2. Turpman

    HPA trials

    A little something new I have been dabbling with. I guess you would call it HPA. Probly has a bit too many larger droplets to be true HPA but it is what it is for now. I’m just running the small res. Pump and 4 misters. Currently it mists for 0.3 seconds every 5 min. So far so good. Roots are...
  3. Turpman


    You must have one of the older versions? The 2 part you can’t really tell there is anything in the water. Dissolves totally with a bit of stirring.
  4. Turpman

    PPM and EC discussion

    If rising your feeding to much or you have root problems.
  5. Turpman

    Greenhouse light dep motor wiring question

    Dep motors have stop switches built in. You need 24V DC power supply, a double pole double throw relay to switch the dc from +- to -+. And a timer. Or you can spend big bucks on a already built one.
  6. Turpman

    best way to start seeds aeroponically

    Im just starting hpa. In experimemtal stage yet. What i am testing is poping seeds or clones in rockwool. I cut 1x1x3" plugs out of a rockwool bat to clone or start seed in. When roots start to show i put a small 1/4" layer of poly fill between the 2" net cup and the rockwool think pillow...
  7. Turpman

    Visual Aura?

    Doc said some can even get tunnel vision . Or upper or lower half go dark.
  8. Turpman

    Visual Aura?

    I get almost the same ora. Mine is like a broken ladder bent sidways in the middle. Lots of twinkling at all the ledder rung connection points. I dont get it very often and i dont get too bad of a headache. My head does feel off and i fell a bit nauseous. I use led dosent effect me at all. My...
  9. Turpman

    Dtw drip irrigation problem

    With emmiters the trick is to get the pressure up so each emmiter has the same pressure. Lengt of 1/4" runs will have less effect on flow out of each emmiter at a higher pressure. Low pressure pumps dont work very well becaus of low pressure causes pressure drop in longer runs. Cheep positive...
  10. Turpman

    Measuring EC / PPM in a flood and drain system

    Your tap is a little high. It may be whatever is in your tap the plants cant use. Like sodium.
  11. Turpman

    NUTE BURN?? Help?

    Dont worry about the clorine in the tap if your unning sterile. You should be fin at 300 ppm of nutes. Id add cl2 every day at that temp. You may be better off to just leave the 3 in there. If you remove one you will have a bunch of damaged roots feeding the rot. Check your ppm if its going up...
  12. Turpman

    My Magical Mobile Micro Medical Marijuana Machine

    Cool. Mist, flood, deep water. How does the bottom work?
  13. Turpman

    Online clones- CCC (Canadian Clone Consulting) vs GTA Clones

    Here are the 4 cookies and chem boys. I’ll be collecting pollen form all 4, just flipped. Godbud cut from the early 90s stock in the center. May even pollinate a branch.
  14. Turpman

    Online clones- CCC (Canadian Clone Consulting) vs GTA Clones

    I should have tagged you. @BurtMaklin read above. Looks like I have 4 cookies and chem boys. Should get a few F2s. Will be really interesting to see what’s in there.
  15. Turpman

    Online clones- CCC (Canadian Clone Consulting) vs GTA Clones

    Ya it’s the cut. Trying to reverse on right now.
  16. Turpman

    Online clones- CCC (Canadian Clone Consulting) vs GTA Clones

    Looks like cookies and chem on the box. Did they say where that came from? Could be mine to. If it is it’s from greenpoint seeds. I popped 4 got 1 girl culled the boys. I just popped 4 more hoping for a male. She is a sticky one, if from me. Here she is in the GH a couple summers ago. They lost...
  17. Turpman

    Bonsai Mothers?

    You top watering or flood? How long do you think a plant would be healthy in the same cube?
  18. Turpman

    How scewed can the system be...

    Yes US still has access to old records even if you have a full Canadian pardon. It’s a pain getting your criminal record for the US waiver when you have a full pardon.
  19. Turpman

    How scewed can the system be...

    US waiver is more like 600$ every 5 years if you do the paperwork yourself.
  20. Turpman

    Canadian Suppliers

    Price looks great but I wonder how easy it is to use? And how do you store it? I think I’m on year 3 of the regular BL pen and it’s still cals within .1 usually. I like the way the cap has a silicone pocket that you put a few drops of storage solution in. It keeps it in there and I think it...