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  1. 1gfunk1

    GAME!! gusse whats wrong with this nutrent regime & if or what to take away or is it good to go ?

    Hey guys . Here the line up for hydro , coco , dwc Base. 3-1-2 for veg. 3-1-5 for flower. Addertives. Seaweed. Fulvic acid. Monosilicic acid. Amino acids Trace , mirco mix Ph-up, bicarb aka baking soda. Ph-down, citric acid. Environment is best as I can get. It Is controled so just a...
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    Anyone used rare dankness or jacks new 2 part or mega crops v3

    Hey guys long time sence been here! hope everyone is happy & well... Just come across rare dank nutrent line got the data sheet if anyone wants to see if it's any good or compare it to jacks or something similar. Am no good with the % , water weight so on confuses me . Am dislytic so any help...
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    Going on guys Hope all is well ☀️ Anyways ....G funk here got a new tent , room setup Am trying to figure out how to maximise this space I have got a few if not ..Too ..many ideas I need to butt heads with a few expernced fellow growers on this one who's been there & got the t-shirt sold it &...
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    Anybody in the uk selling led !?

    Hi guys am Carl am looking to buy some leds am working with 3 600s 1800 watt hps/hid in a 2.2 m tent ! so looking at useing 900 - 1200 watt off led light in the same area with way less heat ! Any tips welcome Am looking for someone who puts the diy veros leds togaver or similar then hopefully...
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    Who's useing ionic hydro in soft water in uk !?

    Just wonted to see who's useing ionic hydro in Rockwool in the uk useing the soft water version !? Needed a bit off advise ! Like if there anything I need to add to keep a blanced res ! Am gonna use ionic soft hydro a-b 'silica' nitrozyme for foilar feeding with a fulvic acid ' that's veg flower...
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    Help with upgrading ionic nutrients please !

    Hi can somebody help me and tell me what looks on the low side off these elements !!?? and if anyone can spot what elements are missing there's 3 missing what ino off just need to no what ppm to put them all at ! So am not off balance and end up difisent in any one off them ! were to buy the...
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    Wrong npk on dynagros website And bottles !

    There grow says 7-9-5when it's 7-5-9 Bloom says 3-12-6its 3-6-12 Mag pro says 2-15-4 when it's 3-6-12 Anyone else got on to this I've emailed them not got back as yet let you now when they do just a heads up everyone !
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    Why use ionic bloom instead or grow !?

    Hey guys /girls why does a few peps on here use ionic bloom as a one part all way though !? The blooms 3-2-6 fatman says he has used the 3-1-2 and 3-1-4 and the latter does better so if that's is true there veg is more near this then the bloom ionic veg is 3-1-5 close to what the big man says...
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    Anyone tried this npk ratio !?

    N-3 P-1 K-2 Ca-2 Mg-1 S-1 Si-1 :) Or close to it input please thanks ! G funk
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    Fatman v homebrewer +uncle Ben +hydro plants off the 50s60s

    Is fatmans ratios in hydro better then homebrewer and uncle bens !? Input off anybody who's as used them both would be great thanks ! Let the shanaigans begin :) Fatmans veg 3.26-1-3.55 -bloom 2.81-1-4.4= near 3-1-4 Old hydro from 50s veg 3-1-2 -bloom 1-3-2 or 1-3-3 or 1-2-3
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    Help!!!!! please mr homebrewer ! or uncle Ben !

    Hi am Carl am looking into using dyna gro ! Am not very good at reading writeing hence why am asking something that's most prberly been answers so menny times it's just not sinking in for me at all spend weeks reading so must be missing something an sick off asking my gf so menny times to read...