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  1. Nizza

    T5 led bulbs

    My buddy wants to upgrade a little and I wasn't sure if it would be worth it for him to buy some 2ft led t5 replacements for his 6 bulb light. Anyone with experience with these have any input? I am not sure what spectrum he should get , he will probably only use it for veg but maybe also as...
  2. Nizza

    Idk if I have enough lighting

    Looks like it is stretching for light, what seed are you growing? Get a link please, I wouldn't top
  3. Nizza

    Best Nutrients for Quality at Any Price

    Silica will help with pest and disease resistance Epsom for a sulfur boost for more terps I use a little tribus and fulvic/humic additive too And gh trio; I had an issue with megacrop 2 part gunking things up, not sure why but I think I won't use that for dtw coco anymore, just in soil grows.
  4. Nizza

    Nizzas Mars hydro sp3000 and 2x4 tent grow

    Did a big cleanup in there, I was getting worried about airflow so I got drunk and cut off a ton of stuff, more than I meant to Before and after pix
  5. Nizza

    How much UVB to give.

    be careful with uv, buy the proper sunglasses. Even if you arent looking at it directly it is bad for your eyes
  6. Nizza

    Northern lights losing stickiness and smell

    I didn't know your variables when I posted. Leds you wanna run higher temps and humidity because of lack of Ir but of course you need to be careful when you start to bud up. On the final few weeks though I will shorten light cycle, and temps to help with terps. Humidity max should probably be...
  7. Nizza

    Coco for micro grow?

    Hempy stylee' this is what converted me to hydro. I think if you try a full grow hempy style and suceed you will get into hydro. It starts with the right nutes, and a good ppm and ph pen (with proper maintanence )
  8. Nizza

    Coco for micro grow?

    try out hempy style grows. You can do a lot of different mediums including coco, but perlite is most popular
  9. Nizza

    Anyone try a red heat lamp in a tent before to help with LED heating?

    I've thought about this but wouldn't it just make more sense to swap some led's with HID's In the winter to help add heat?
  10. Nizza

    Freebie seeds.

    Bad dawg from great lake genetics gives out his seeds with all the orders, I grew one and it was phenomenal. Plus I can get 3thirteen seeds off his site. Just figured I'd throw in a recommendation
  11. Nizza

    2022 New Giveaway Coming!!! 2 Winners!!!--Spider Farmer

    #spiderfarmerled USA This is what I have in the works now. It would be fun to try different lights Going to thin out my 2x4 tent today that shit is a jungle! Good luck everyone and happy 2022
  12. Nizza

    2 x 4 tent LED recommendations

    If you want to buy something american try HLG
  13. Nizza

    Northern lights losing stickiness and smell

    Reduce temp and light cycle at end of flower for more terps, also maybe bump up that humidity a little bit I'd be careful with humidity though, probably 45% max that late Also make sure pictures are under normal lighting not your grow lamps
  14. Nizza

    Supplemental lighting jamaica

    Old thread but I think gas lantern routine would have helped save power
  15. Nizza

    Nizzas Mars hydro sp3000 and 2x4 tent grow

    yeah I had been using the two part, and it turns into this clay like deposit around the reservoir
  16. Nizza

    Nizzas Mars hydro sp3000 and 2x4 tent grow

    Topped again yesterday in my 5x5 The mars 2x4 tent with the sp3000 is crushing it! I think this is the most canopy I've had in a 2x4 tent , I'm starting to consider cutting some nodes off to improve air flow. I took alot of fan leaves off yesterday and some of the overlapping ones were wet. I'm...
  17. Nizza

    Old PH Pen is Damage. Which one I need know?

    7.0 and 4.0 should work (1) How to calibrate Apera Instruments 60 Series Premium pH Testers (1-3 points calibration) - Bing video to calibrate you need to use the solutions in the correct order
  18. Nizza

    Rolling in on week 10 flower my trichromes are just now getting cloudy .just want to get it right !

    check back in two weeks, I'd guess 2-4 weeks left. keep feeding, they look healthy keep it up! Be sure to provide good air circulation and humidity control, as to not run into mold/mildew issues during the final ripening stage
  19. Nizza

    Brettmans Larf Lab

    Looking good bro I didn't know u had a journal going ! Yeah man it's been a while hope things are good and I wish you the best of luck with all the work you're putting into it, it will all pay off!
  20. Nizza

    Brettmans Larf Lab

    Having trouble with heat? Try extracting from the bottom and pulling air in from up top