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  1. Ganjamandan77

    Old ass light!

    So the last time i had an indoor grow was 2013. Mostly been an outdoor guy for the last 25 years or so. But with the last grow in 2013 i used a 400 watt HPS eye hortilux single ended bulb for one grow. Packed up the bulb after that one grow and the thing has sat since then. So heres my question...
  2. Ganjamandan77

    Air curculatulion

    Whats up growers?! I just put ip a 12 inch hurricane wall mount fan in my bloom room. Its a pretty powerful fan and evan on low it blows very well. Im wondering if you can have to much air movement during flower? Bloom room is 5' x 5' x 7'6"
  3. Ganjamandan77

    Grow room glasses

    Whats up everyone? Just wondering if anyone wears the grow glasses from Method Seven? I just ordered a pair of the perfect color hps+ Hope they live up to the reviews.
  4. Ganjamandan77

    Gnatrol WDG follow up.

    Yesterday i gave my girls a drenching of Gnatrol in hopes of getting rid of the nasty gnats. Info about gnatrol on the web is kinda inconsistent, different people and different places that sell gnatrol all seem to have there own instructions. My question for the forums Gnatrol users is this: is...
  5. Ganjamandan77

    Kief meltdown!

    I recently heard about taking kief and melting it between parchment paper using a hair straightener. Has anybody tried this and what would you say are the do's and don'ts.
  6. Ganjamandan77

    How to?

    Is there a thread started that teaches how to use the forum? I seem to be having trouble uploading a custom profile pic from my android phone? When it hit the choose file button nothing happens. Please advise.
  7. Ganjamandan77

    Just a little bit more light!

    So my bloom room is 5'x5'x7'6". I have one 400 watt HPS light which does fill the room nicely with light. But as with many grow rooms the canopy gets the best light and the bottom area suffers. I added a 125 watt CFL at 2700k to get a little more light down under. It seems to be pushing more...
  8. Ganjamandan77

    Power veg t5 lights

    Has anybody ever used these power veg lights from hortilux? Im thinking about switching over with my next grow. I would be using the four light set up in each of my 24 inch set ups in a 24"x48"x 48" grow tent.
  9. Ganjamandan77

    Damn flies!

    So I've had my tent and bloom room set up for a while. Everything seems good but I have all these little flies in the tent and bloom room now. Not sure if there an adult thrip or something else. I don't seem to have any spots or yellowing on the leafs and don't see any sings of distress. I have...
  10. Ganjamandan77

    New guy here!

    Whats up everyone, just wanted to say high and introduce myself. Got a few pics to show what im working with. Currently blooming two really nice looking Juicyfruit girls. 5 foot by foot bloom room with a 400 watt HPS. The tent is a 2 foot by 4 foot by 5 foot with four Juicyfruit clones to the...
  11. Ganjamandan77

    Curled leaves

    Whats up everyone, just a quick question for my fellow growers. In the pic i posted the leaves kinda turn out to the side towards the tops with a slight brown point at the end. It does not look like the plant is not healthy, all the leaves are nice and green and no yellowing. Im wondering if...