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  1. taproot

    EB series Gen2 5000K

    Hey guys, I have a light I've already built but I'm going to add onto it and expand it some. Currently I have 9 x the EB series G2 strips but at 3500K and I was thinking of adding some blue. The light is for flowering but I'm wondering if a little blue might help for a fuller spectrum. Have any...
  2. taproot

    led light burn ...lux meter?

    Hello gents, I'm still having issues with my new Led adventure and wanted to point out a few things I've been trying and noticing reproducible. The summary is when I put my plants under the Led light I built the leaves start to turn yellow over time but under the hps they start to green up. I...
  3. taproot

    Failing growing with leds strips.

    I've recently put together a diy led light using 9x "BXEB-L0560Z-35E2000-C-B3" strips mounted onto a aluminum frame I made and driven by a hlg-185h-c1050a. The lights footprint is 18 inches deep and 24 inch wide. It turned out great, It's bright as fuck and I know that doesn't mean anything to...
  4. taproot

    Led grow light distances from plant.

    Good day friends. I'll start off saying I have a few grows under my belt and have done very decent in the past but I was using hps for both veg and flowering. I decided I wanted to go LED for many reasons. I built me a led strip light using 9x BXEB-L0560Z-35E2000-C-B3 running on a meanwell...
  5. taproot

    3500 color temp?

    I just got a bridelux strip led light built using the 3500k color temp and was wondering if anybody here is using that temp with success? I'm not sure what it might be but some seedlings have been under the light for about a week and still look weak so I brought out my old trusty 150 hps and...
  6. taproot

    Growing small test plants.

    I'm going to start growing in a cabinet soon and am looking for some advise on growing in that space. I have a main agenda, I'm strain hunting for strains that work for me; being older I like being more relaxed than heady and I'm playing with CBD for pain. So, when I'm growing and looking for...
  7. taproot

    stealth cabs.

    I'm looking at considering something like this fish tank stand cab, anybody here done anything like this and or other stealth techniques / builds? The logic is that it's inconspicuous to both friends, family and god forbid a intruder.
  8. taproot

    36W x 18inch depth storage cabinet.

    I'm trying to move from a closet to a metal storage cabinet and have some questions to set my expectations. I'm trying to downsize in my life and don't smoke too much pot but would still like some for the weekends and such. I'd say about 4/5 oz's per run of 3/4 months each would suite me fine...
  9. taproot

    Led lighting for a 36W x 18D space cabinet?

    Hey guys, I'm looking to start moving into a metal storage cabinet and was wondering about how much led light I should consider getting? Would 300 to 400W be enough as it seems to be? I was planning on getting the "BXEB-L0560Z-35E2000-C-B3" to light it up and run them at 1400A with a...
  10. taproot

    Needing some help with designing my led light.

    I read a lot last year from supra and others on leds and understand the basic concepts like running the cobs in series and looking at the voltage of the cobs and the amount you want to run while adding their voltages all up into one sum to make sure the driver has enough forward voltage for them...
  11. taproot

    need some cbd oil recommendations

    Hello friends, not sure if this is the correct forum so if not feel free to move it. I'm living in a state that does not allow any forms of cannabis and unfortunately for me I suffer from chronic pain ...mostly nerve and muscle based pain which also creates anxiety as pain just wears you down...
  12. taproot

    deep freeze or cool and dark for long term storage?

    I'm wondering after drying and curing if deep freezing or just a cool dark place would be best for preserving bud for years. I plan on using vacuum bags after curing and then storing away but not sure if freezing is going to be ok. I know that the majority use mason jars but I'm leaning on the...
  13. taproot

    freeze curing.

    Any of you Guys into freeze curing? I tried in a small batch (1 oz) last time and it worked great but I've not tried it in a large batch yet. I'm going to put the chopped and trimmed material into a hanging screen set and let it dry for about 5 days or so until the stem snaps in a 70F / 50 RH...
  14. taproot

    Bowel leaf trimmers?

    Just wondering if these are worth it, hopefully it would at least get 90% of the job done and help save me time on trimming..thoughts...
  15. taproot

    Is is really necessary to change out the rez during the grow?

    I see a lot of people dumping and replacing the water ever week or so and some that don't do it at all. I running two 15 gal sterilite tubs and am at week seven of flower and have not flushed once since I put them in there and they even vegged for like two weeks before the flip. Things seem...
  16. taproot

    Ozone in the grow room?

    I was wondering of anybody uses a little ozone in the grow room itself, I've read it can help with not only odor but also keep bud rot and stuff like that at bay. Anyways, I already have a generator that I used to get rid of the pet smell of my home when I got it but It's a pretty large...
  17. taproot

    Venting AC to attic?

    I was wondering if any of you vent your portable AC or window box conversion AC unites to the attic to get rid of the hot air. I can't vent via a window and am wondering how to exhaust the hot side of the AC unit. My only other option would be a split unit but the cost is pretty huge and I'd...
  18. taproot

    Aero Cloning with or without a timer?

    Hey guys, I've built me a ezcloner. It's a 790/gal pump with twenty four misters in a commercial rubbermaid tote. For those having issues with leaking totes I recommend the commercial rubbermaid ones as they are tough and don't flex much and they don't leak. There about $25 at lowes but worth...
  19. taproot

    Opinions on totes for ezclone diy that don't leak

    I just put together a really nice ziplock tote with the latches and junk only to find out the one place it leaks is around the What's the best totes that don't leak, I see people like the roughnecks and my local chinamart has them. Any others up for recommendations?
  20. taproot

    ONA inside flower room?

    Can ona be used inside the flower room without messing up the taste of the finished product? I've read yes and no so I'm not sure.