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  1. Ganjamandan77

    Circuit breaker question

    your right its Romex, stoner brain fart. I guess i must be lucky, my house is wired with 14 and 16 gauge and all 20, 30 and 40 amp fuses except for central air which is on a two pole 20A.
  2. Ganjamandan77

    Week 5 flower, WHEN TO FLUSH?

    Like snob said, try flushing and see it makes a difference to your preference.
  3. Ganjamandan77

    Circuit breaker question

    No shit the wire has to match the breaker. When i go into new homes to wire them for audio i never see anything smaller than 12-2 or 12-3 romax which will handle a 20A breaker.
  4. Ganjamandan77

    Circuit breaker question

    15A seems small to me, if your running LED and flouro lights maybe be ok. But if your running an HPS light at 400 watts or more i would jump up to a 20A breaker. You also have to know how many amps your equipment draws for that split second when it first turns on. For an example, my home theater...
  5. Ganjamandan77

    Do I have to use bluelab solutions with their pens?

    Just make sure you know what the three calibration points are for your PH pen and you can use any solutions. However, with the DS meter i believe you have to use there calibration solution due to the calibration set point. Personally i felt that the blue lab pens where over priced. If maintained...
  6. Ganjamandan77

    Recommended youtube videos and vloggers?

    I def see a noticable difference in branch strength. I do it all the way up the branch alternating which way i twist. The first time i heard how loud a branch cracks i was like ohh shit i broke it. Im surprised ive never read about it on RIU.
  7. Ganjamandan77

    Recommended youtube videos and vloggers?

    I tend to end up watching kyle kushman videos. I use his chiropractic technique.
  8. Ganjamandan77

    Critique My Grow Room!

    In picture 2, i would cut back the panda film a few inches away from the electrical outlet. And in pic 3, i would get the tape out from behind the electrical outlet cover.
  9. Ganjamandan77

    Seed Pictures!

    Im digin the blue lined paper, dont even remember the last time i used it.
  10. Ganjamandan77

    What is wrong with this plant?

    How old is the chicken shit? Has it been composted or is it fresh? Growing up i had a friend who's family ran a chicken farm. The places where they dumped fresh poop had nothing growing around the piles but where the piles sat from one or two years everything around was growing awesome. I can...
  11. Ganjamandan77

    How to salvage moldy bud and get a great tasting smoke

    Another overgrow fan, thumbs up bro!
  12. Ganjamandan77

    Do we need a consensus?

    Some people may think weed forums are tough, try a motorcycle or firearms forum. Those guys can be darn right brutal.
  13. Ganjamandan77

    Newbie gender help

    Others will most likely offer there opinions as well. Good luck and smoke good!
  14. Ganjamandan77

    How are you smoking yours?

    Good old fashion water bong!
  15. Ganjamandan77

    Newbie gender help

    Its kinda like trying to find Waldo.
  16. Ganjamandan77

    Newbie gender help

    I would say female. You can see white hairs poking out in pic D71E-495.
  17. Ganjamandan77

    UVB and UVC

    Method seven has full UV protection and IR absorption. The website doesn't say A B and C but if you watch there videos on youtube they go into more detail. They say they have one of the few lenses that block UV C.
  18. Ganjamandan77

    Ed Rosenthal Zero Tolerance?

    You know Ed? Cool beans! I learned a lot from reading Ask Ed.
  19. Ganjamandan77

    Sudden Yellow Leaves in Buds from Bagseeds! Whatsup?

    And no foliar feeding or spraying the buds with anything anymore.
  20. Ganjamandan77

    Sudden Yellow Leaves in Buds from Bagseeds! Whatsup?

    Rot can spread fast, i would cut the bud off about half inch below the rot. Just to be safe, then let it finish flowering.