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  1. CitrusCustard

    Ethos Grapes 4x Varieties

    Hello, fellow tokers and growers, and welcome to the start of my new indoor grow! Please feel welcome to comment with any questions, or advice, experiences with these strains or the gear, training, or just drop a friendly hello! This is my third grow, and my first run doing Ethos genetics, and...
  2. CitrusCustard

    Blueberry Muffin, Caramel Cream, Blueberries 'n Chocolate

    Welcome, everyone! I decided to challenge myself this run and go with three different varieties. All 3 are photoperiod fem's. Thank you to all the readers that follow along on this journey! I enjoy hearing your feedback and advice, please feel welcome to comment and subscribe. I try to post...
  3. CitrusCustard

    Grow #1 - 3x Mango Sherbet (Humbolt) & 3x Blackened Oranges (Useful)

    This is my first grow :-D Feel free to reply with advice, compliments, experience with these strains, ect. Some info on the strains Mango Sherbet (Humbolt) - Photoperiod, feminized, with a flowering time ~50 days, I chose her bc she's got a quick harvest and allegedly a low amount of couch lock...
  4. CitrusCustard

    Cultivation/Possession compliance

    Here in MO, our current law outlines that once we are approved as cultivators, we are allowed 6 plants in bloom, 6 in veg (above 14 inches) and 6 clones (below 14 inches). The law for possession limits cultivators to 12oz (or "3 months worth") of dried, unprocessed flower or it's equivalent...