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  1. rkymtnman

    Anybody else thinking about getting a 2nd vax?

    I've been reading alot lately (just the last week maybe) that many virologists/medical experts that got the J&J vax have now gotten a 2nd vax of either moderna or Pfizer. mostly to protect against Delta variant (and future variants I guess?) Thoughts? I figure that any vaccines that are out...
  2. rkymtnman

    Any other 1%'ers out there? Come on in!!

    CaliMagic got that 1% N.
  3. rkymtnman

    The Grow off? Anybody hear of this?? Based in Colorado. Buy an expensive clone, have it tested and brag (about) to your buds
  4. rkymtnman

    Any potato growers?

    They do very well here even at high elevation. Any tips/tricks/advise to share?
  5. rkymtnman

    Do Not Buy from for any of your air or chiller needs.

    I bought what was advertised as an 8" diffuser to try in a Waterfarm. It was actually 9.5" which was too big. I sent it back for a refund and not only will they not refund my original shipping costs but also the cost to ship it back to them. Don't buy from these a**holes!!! I'm on a...
  6. rkymtnman

    Would you rather die from a virus or in prison?

    asking for a friend from Queens, NY.
  7. rkymtnman

    Twenty20 Mendocino beans from Great Lakes Genetics

    anybody run any of their beans? i picked up the 9 pack: 3 seeds each of Bad Girl S1, Trainwreck and Bubba. getting ready to pop 2 of them but not sure which strain to try first?? thoughts??
  8. rkymtnman

    Diamond Mylar. Anyone using it?

    and is the vivosun brand any good?
  9. rkymtnman

    Lockdowns work.

    It's the best and only option we have thanks to Trump's incompetence.
  10. rkymtnman

    RIP Rush Limbaugh

    Biggest anti-drug hypocrite alive. Not for long.
  11. rkymtnman

    3Thirteen Seeds

    @HydroRed What you got going bro? You're a legend on RIU so time to shine! Any grow or smoke reports yet from members?
  12. rkymtnman

    Commercial Growers Using HydroGrow LED

    Post your pics here of your setups. These lights have been around for about a decade. Surely there are tens if not hundreds of commercial grow ops using these lights? I think LEDGirl got banned before she could reply to my same question yesterday so...
  13. rkymtnman

    Magic mushrooms now legal (almost) in Denver.

    I'd love to go camping with a fat sack and some Nitrous this summer. i have a feeling some morons from Kansas and Nebraska are going to ruin it by taking too many and jumping off hotel balconies thinking they can fly.
  14. rkymtnman


    That's how many days Paul Manafort has been in prison. I'll celebrate by having a tossed salad for dinner this evening.
  15. rkymtnman

    Any FIFA players here?

    Want to get the FIFA '18 since it's cheap. Do you think my 6 yr old would be able to play it? I want to find a game we both can play. I can't stand Minecraft.
  16. rkymtnman

    Any WA peeps that can give advice on where to visit on the coast?

    Headed to Seattle in March. We are planning on a two days in Ocean Shores, WA. Anybody been there? How is it? Decent restaurants, etc? we are interested in doing some Agate hunting at Damon Point. Westport was also one we looked at. Another one that I should also check out? Westport vs...
  17. rkymtnman

    US seed banks that sell single seeds?

    And more importantly, feminized single seeds. Any help?
  18. rkymtnman

    Anybody else get an invite to try out CLW's newest COB lights?

    Got mine today. Haven't got any details yet. And the ad only shows the top and side of the lights, not the cobs themselves.
  19. rkymtnman

    portable vape for bubble hash?

    anybody have any luck with a vape that works? i've got a dr dabber ghost laying around that i'm gonna give it a go (if i can find my spare ceramic piece).