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  1. gladstoned

    Homegrown Natural Wonders. Looking for info about company.

    I am looking to possibly carry this seed line, and I'd like some info if anyone has any. Thank you.
  2. gladstoned

    2016 Michigan High Times Cup

    It's early as fuck this year. June 11-12th. Didn't see that coming. Only card holders (michigan card holder or card holder from another state) are allowed to this one also. I heard there is gonna be another end of August, but no cup. I will see all of you there.
  3. gladstoned

    Free Online Cannabis Health Summit this weekend.

    Green Flower is having it's 1st virtual Cannabis Health Summit free this weekend. Get The Most Up-To-Date Facts, Science, & Information About Using Cannabis & Health Today Cancer and cannabis PTSD and cannabis Pain and cannabis The truth about CBD Cannabis for...
  4. gladstoned

    Marijuana Business Conference & Expo ~ Chicago Who all is heading to the business expo? The one is Vegas last fall was great, this one should be well worth the trip as well. We did the crash business course last year, just hitting the seminars and expo floor for this one.
  5. gladstoned

    Tangie Ghost Train ~ Little Chief Collabs (Rare Dankness/DNA Genetics)

    We wished this strain into existence. Rare Dankness and DNA crossing our two favorite strains for extracts. In april I was going to the Denver cup for a few packs of GTH#1 in search of the right male to make sweet love to our Tangie momma. Larry has been sitting in Oakland County Jail counting...
  6. gladstoned

    Fat Marty Seeds.

    I sat at the table last night doing dabs and getting drunk while going through all my beans. I had some Fat Marty genetics questions and finally just dug them all out and played. What a collection. Most of you know there were multiple threads here on several of these strains but they got...
  7. gladstoned

    2015 High Times Michigan Medical Cannabis Cup 2015

    August 22nd & 23 Auto City Speedway Clio Mi
  8. gladstoned

    recent raids.

    Was just told that the green room in marquette was raided. 8 dispensaries in saginaw. 2 in mount pleasant. Rumor was all caregivers with full lists will be having an inspection real soon. Anyone hear anything?
  9. gladstoned

    Anyone looked into buying testing equipment?

    I heard a ton of things all week. Testing was one of the doozies that was preached every session. One of the exhibits out here was from SRI. They sell gas chomatographs. $12k. These don't test for molds or pesticides. I figure that I know my meds and my grow, I need a shit load of testing...
  10. gladstoned

    Darlin's net thread is locked. The thread asking why was deleted. WTF is going on here?

    If people were arguing in the thread and it got locked, why is it still locked? What is the problem? Most people don't even bother with this forum anymore, why are there so many problems?
  11. gladstoned

    Aptus nutes, anyone?

    Hearing a lot of praise about Aptus w/soil grows. Anyone here using/used it?
  12. gladstoned

    Marijuana Business Conference Anyone from here going?
  13. gladstoned

    Your fucking kid smells like pot man.
  14. gladstoned

    Michigan safe transfers. (west side of flint) Anyone tried them?

    They are on corunna rd by ballenger. Wondering if anyone has been there, or know of this place? I have tried the last few trips to make it here, but timing has been a little fucked.
  15. gladstoned

    SEED-PAC ~ Darlin's Net (Gorilla Glue #4 x DMT Kush)

    SEEDPAC ~ DARLIN'S NET Fresh off the cannabis cup trip, it's time to get some grows going online again. Long overdue. I got this pack of Darlin's Net from NN at the cup, over some shots of Patron. (We both make more sense that way.) This is his attempt at crossing some really frosty shit, with...
  16. gladstoned

    Happy Birthday baby!

    Happy Birthday Belle Isle!! :hump: Rare Dankness ~ Tangerine Kush Karma Genetics ~ Where's My Bike? Organic soil, probably my best harvest yet.
  17. gladstoned


    I recently read one report stating that Wisconsin may be getting close to legalization for medical marijuana. Has anyone else heard anything about Wisconsin becoming legal?
  18. gladstoned

    Happy Halloween!

    What's going on you scary mother fuckers?
  19. gladstoned

    Grand Rapids Inn - not mj friendly either.

    I had to go to grand rapids earlier this week. Grand Rapids Inn is right by highway. OMG is this place a fucking dump. Checked in, rolled a few, called a cab went to bar close-by. Walked back from the bar around midnight-ish. Motherfucker is in my room stealing my meds!!!! Shady motherfucker...
  20. gladstoned

    Yoopers. Please read. I haven't ran into many Yoopers on this forum, but if there is any chance anyone on here has info about these 3 people, please pm me. I'm sure there will be a reward available for information.