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    Chasing the Moon PBS documentary Part three as Neil Armstrong hovers with limited fuel to find a good place for the first moon landing... it cuts to a group of stoners drying a large weed plant 59:58. Look how far we've come!
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    MW Hlg-320h-48AB Question

    Budget grow space. Mistakes were made. Got a green thumb but the basement environment put me in way over my head. Smell is not an issue. Humidity, I could use to my favor with a dehumidifier And temp was low but good enough but..... bugs. I’m simply too worried about insects and my house is...
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    Show me your legal weed!

    It’s that time! Show me your legally cultivated Missouri Chron!
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    Growers Choice Afghan Spring Harvest

    Hello medicinal and non-medicinal growers! We are live in the great state of Missouri! The show me state, gateway to west. And here in Gully town the only way to get your hands on some legal medicinal mj was to order seeds off a sketchy site and grow it yourself. It’s been 5 months misery let...