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  1. daisy2687

    Largest plants' leaves curl down. RIU help me out w/ advice! Pics

    Ok so I have 8 NL #5 feminized gals growing in my tent. Under a 1000w set at 24in above the canopy. Canopy temps range from 77-81 lights on. Usually 68-70 lights off but has gotten as low as 60.. They're potted in FFoF 3gal pots. Been 4 weeks since transplant. Last watering before today was 8...
  2. daisy2687

    PH way too high. Do I flush now or wait till next watering?

    I have some seedlings with 2-3 nodes that are showing signs of iron deficiency and they arent growing very fast. Finally was able to PH my water going in and it's sitting around 8. Question is should I flush with PHd water until runoff is good? I watered them 2 days ago. They're in 3 gal pots...
  3. daisy2687

    Seedlings (10 days old) in FFoF.. Nute burn? pics

    Ok so I got some NL #5 seeds and germinated them in peat pellets. After I saw roots coming out I transplanted them in to 3gal containers with Fox Farms Ocean Forest. From what I've read now FFoF can be pretty 'hot' and not the best for seedlings. I've got 1 or 2 (out of 8 )seedlings exhibiting...
  4. daisy2687

    Cooltube for 34 euro. Maybe? Hungarian shop. Was looking at their bulbs but wandered around and they have low prices. Listed as 44 euro but "includes 25% tax". I wonder if they charge...
  5. daisy2687

    150w CMH for a HPS ballast

    After researching the subject I think I've confused myself even more. I've found this bulb...
  6. daisy2687

    Its been years (almost 5).. I need to talk vendors with someone! (RCs)

    Title kinda says it all... I've had a source for my needs for over 4 years now and it's gone.. So I'm looking for somewhere to go. It seems like the RC game has changed a lot. In the day it was all Chinese companies that wanted your dollars no matter what and they wanted you to tell your friends...
  7. daisy2687

    Piss test within 7 days, I choose private company and date. Fake piss help

    I'll keep it short. Just looking for good info here on fake piss or people who have used private drug testers in the past. I have to take this test for a program I'm in which is connected to my probation. Probation said they cant drug test me so now the owner of the program is on a vendetta...
  8. daisy2687

    co2 and heat... Makes that much of a difference?

    Ok I'm trying to figure out if this is coincidence or not... I have 3 plants in a 2x2 area with a 150w hps. (effective growing area probably more like 1.4x1.4) Temps stay around 75-77 with light on. I have 2 wine bottles producing Co2... I've found I can keep the light 7-9 inches from the tops...
  9. daisy2687

    Help with rescuing clones!

    Alright I'll try to keep this short and simple. I'm trying to get some input and bounce ideas around to save my clones. I took 20 clones before I put my girls in to flower and followed correct procedure etc etc (had done it before with success). I had them in peat discs under a humidity dome...
  10. daisy2687

    Clones: When do I see roots?

    Hey all, I'm back on the boards after a bit of a hiatus... I'm doing a grow right now with 2 sour diesel and 1 'cough' (bagseed) in flower under a HPS in my Homebox... Anyways, I took 21 clones 13 days ago. I have them in a humidity dome and have been misting at least 3 times a day. 1 has...
  11. daisy2687

    No new growth after cotyldon - help

    I have 2 NL seedlings growing nder a pair of CFLs for the moment. One of the seedlings is on its 3rd node and the other seedling has no new growth after the cotyldons. It looks healthy and green but doesnt look like it has a growtip. They're about a week old. Has anyone else encountered...
  12. daisy2687

    Deformed clones and major problem with a seedling

    Alright first off I've got this big problem with one of my seedlings. It's 2 weeks old and obviously has some N defficiency but there's another problem. The top half of the plant's leafs look like they've been burned in the middle of the leaf. I have some good pics of it. PH has been around 7...
  13. daisy2687

    Thread with guy showing luminostiy with a light meter ( 1 and 2 bulbs)

    Did anyone see this thread where people were debating whether or not lumens add and then someone showed pictures of a light meter next to a 1600 lumen CFL. Then he did it with 2 1600 lumen CFLs and it still showed 1600 lumens on the meter. Lumensdont add and that was some dang solid proof...
  14. daisy2687

    Can you use a vertical HPS bulb horizontally?

    I got an HPS security light and the bulb is mounted vertically. I've heard its bad for the bulb to use it horizontally. It also says on the box something to this effect so I'm pretty sure it must be true. What is your guys' input?
  15. daisy2687

    $30 70w HPS system

    So I was in Lowe's today getting some more paint for the project I'm wrking on. While I was waiting for the paint to be mixed up I wandered in to the lighting isle (it just draws me in :p). As usual they had the 100w and 150w security lights priced between 80-100 bucks Then it caught my eye. a...
  16. daisy2687

    Can you take a clone at 25 day flower?

    Here's a link to my post about my clones. I guess I'm a newb so I'm postin it here too :). Any help is appreciated
  17. daisy2687

    Cloning 25 days in to flower? Help.

    First of all I apologize for 2 posts. I cant delete the other one and pics arent loading? Is this going to be possible? I know it's late but we just didnt have the supplies to do it before now. Regardless we took 2 clones from our girl from the bottom of the plant. One clone has 2 pistils...
  18. daisy2687

    Cloning 25 days in to flower

    Is this going to be possible? I know it's late but we just didnt have the supplies to do it before now. Regardless we took 2 clones from our girl from the bottom of the plant. One clone has 2 pistils, the other has 4. it doesnt seem like these tips are very far in to flowering? I followed...
  19. daisy2687

    Buds in a time capsule?

    I've heard of some people curing their buds for long ass amounts of time and say it gets better with time. Would it fucking rock to put some in a time capsule or would they degrade and shit? I am oh so baked right now.
  20. daisy2687

    Deep Dish & Gabriel and Dresden

    Holy shit I am in love with trance music. People that say they don't like techno must have never heard some really good trance. I hate that people have certain ideas about what "techno" is. It's electronic music and "techno" is only one kind!!! Btw I can listen to Gab and Dresden's mix of...