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  1. chuckeye

    Herb grinders and the kief catcher

    Fess up, how many of you have removed the kief catcher screen on your grinder to get a larger catch volume ? Shopping for my first grinder, I want to smoke the whole bud so the screen seems to be a waste of volume... Thinking of just going for a Brilliant Cut grinder, I like that there are no...
  2. chuckeye

    Revegging flowering clones ?

    I inherited four Shiskaberry/Candida CBD clones from a friend ! He was trimming the mothers just before switching the lights, looked in the trash and said what the hay. Let's try cloning :mrgreen: Put them right back in his tent which was now 12/12. They are a full two months old now. Got...
  3. chuckeye

    Current thinking on Parabolic reflector > vertical or horizontal bulb ?

    I'm running a 600w MH/HPS in a typical wing type reflector. Two plants in a 3.5' x 4.5' x 8' high space. Turning the plants isn't that big a deal but I was hoping for more even light spread with a 42" parabolic reflector. Thoughts on vertical vs horizontal positioning of the bulb ? Cheers
  4. chuckeye

    Greenleaf Nutrients - Mega Crop - slow to ship ?

    Ordered and paid on Thursday. Shipper received info today, Tuesday @ 3:30 PM. Is this standard for them ? Sorry, having a pissy/senior moment. Deep breath/relax ;) Cheers.
  5. chuckeye

    What is your longest autoflower seed to harvest grow ?

    Greetings, My previous experience is with photoperiods. I am growing an Early Miss autoflower from Cropkings BC. Betty is 118 days old, twice what they suggest ! In her defense she came to me at 27 days old and was on day 45 before my lights arrived. The day before new lights installed...
  6. chuckeye

    Advanced Nutrients - ProMix HP and ppm ?

    Greetings, I am just finishing up an Early Miss Autoflower from CropKings BC. Advanced Nutrient ph perfect Grow/Micro/Bloom/Big Bud/Sensizim/B-52. I had been slowly sneaking up on max nutrients, NOT. Blew right through and five hours after the fourth feeding in four days noticed my mistake ...