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  1. Mr_X

    Recommend me a good volcano vaporizer

    i want to get one, so recommend me some.
  2. Mr_X

    Perpetual Grow help.

    Im doing an indoor grow. I have a flower zone and a veg zone. my current flower plants are in week 2 of flower and my vegging plants have 3-4 nodes (i forget how many weeks old they are). What should I do if my plants veg faster than my flowering plants and get too big? i have limited space...
  3. Mr_X

    Should i trim my fan leaf tips during early flower?

    still first week of flower. i want to trim the leaf tips so more light can reach the lower parts of the plant. good idea or bad idea? will i be decreasing yield because im hurting the plant?
  4. Mr_X

    Will ice help reduce heat stress?

    I'm growing hydroponically. No symptoms of nutrient deficiency, no light stress, just heat stress. I put some ice on top of the DWC medium.
  5. Mr_X

    Anyone else here invested in dogecoin?

    I invested $5000. To the moon!
  6. Mr_X

    Did your Town ban the sale/cultivation of weed?

    My redhat town in new jersey and redhat neighboring towns created an ordinance to ban the sale and cultivation. Party of law and order wins again. Thanks mayor.
  7. Mr_X

    Can I manifold clones in 1 gallon pots?

    I'm currently doing my first perpetual grow, and the clones are vegging in 1 gallon pots. I took clones, vegged them in dwc then moved them to 1 gallon pots with coco coir. Can I manifold or top in 1 gallon pots or will i need bigger pots? i am concerned about my veg plants becoming rootbound.
  8. Mr_X

    They got the second amendment

    TL;DR - You'll need to be privileged to exercise gun rights. Thoughts magas and bluehats? This probably isn't going to pass imo. A gun control bill that Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D–Texas)...
  9. Mr_X

    The news is borning to watch now.

    Its just live streams of committee meetings of all political issues, updates on members of congress, and press conferences. Trump rallies, firing, tweets, and Mexico paying for the wall was entertaining. i miss trump memes and tweets.
  10. Mr_X

    America should go full communism.

    95% communism and 5% socialism. so now that we are done with an authoritarian police state fascist, its time for america to try socialism and communism, or full communism. full government control of what we do. we should trust our government to do the right thing. blue hats support this.
  11. Mr_X

    I'm close transitioning into flower, but my plants have different health problems.

    each plant is sativa dominate. what can i expect in terms of growth rate and space, because i dont want to grow into my lights? i know im cramming my plants and my scrog is terrible. any tips with scrog if some plants grow faster than others? First week of veg, I had a blackout so some went into...
  12. Mr_X

    The ultimate test for Trump's wall is coming Massive caravan of Honduran migrants about to cross the US border illegally. Thanks for paying for our wall mexico. so much human ladder potential.
  13. Mr_X

    Everyone needs to stop complaining about social media taking away free speech.

    Social media is a luxury, not a necessity unlike the post office, mass transit, utility companies. Free market where private businesses can make their own terms of service without government regulation. a country based on law and order. i have no problem with big tech making their own policies...
  14. Mr_X

    What are your thoughts on the Articles of Impeachment?

    Would you sign it? i'd sign it *signs*
  15. Mr_X

    I just got my first clone chamber. give me tips.

    new lights are coming, so im going to use my blurple lights for a cloning chamber. first time cloning.
  16. Mr_X

    Do you agree or disagree with Twitters decision to suspend Trump for tweeting

    If its against their terms of service, i see no problem with the suspension. Suspension is also necessary for protective legal purposes for twitter as well, and i know how much we love and respect the law.
  17. Mr_X

    multiple angles of protestor shot and killed in DC

  18. Mr_X

    Should I defoliate sick leaves or let them fall off naturally during veg?

    Bottom leaves aren't getting too much light and really sick.
  19. Mr_X

    What do you think Trumps next action will be once he's out of office?

    Start a podcast or another reality show.