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  1. Tejashidrow

    Rice hulls as your only aeration

    Seems every one is saying that rice hulls break down. That’s a truth. But no one is saying how long it takes to break down. From what I’ve researched it takes over a year for the rice hills to break down. That’s enough time for 4-5 grow cycles (autos) for me. I’m going to do a 70-30 mix coco/...
  2. Tejashidrow

    NFTG. Nectar For The Gods

    Any one useing OneShot?? This is what I will use: Nectar from gods: Hotshot Slf100 Olympus up Herculean Aphrodite Fish Sh!t I knowticed that there is no potassium in the NPK of the NFTG one shot or Herculean. Will this be a problem???
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    I’m doing a 3 gallon probiotic grow, em1, Malibu, Bokashi. Works great, just have to top dress about once a week
  4. Tejashidrow

    Lets be honest and talk about microbes there use, affects and cost

    Not quite seeing the Bokashi and cigarette in drank old beer symbiotic relationship....
  5. Tejashidrow

    Lets be honest and talk about microbes there use, affects and cost

    Pretty sure what ever small amount of local bacteria in the south west dessert where I live is not all that conducive for growing canninbis. And makeing a inoculate from it would be under whelming. Dead dirt and cactus.
  6. Tejashidrow

    Lets be honest and talk about microbes there use, affects and cost

    Has anyone mentioned the differsnce between container gardening/growing and in the ground ( or over 20 gallon container) growing/gardening??? I’m looking at both sides and I see where if one is in the ground, 1 or 2 inoculation is all that’s needed. But growing in smaller containers need more...
  7. Tejashidrow

    Citric acid and tinctures

    No. Do your citric acid decarb first, then after it’s done add that to glycerin. This decarb method is a alternative method,?and works just as well as heat. The only draw back is the sour taste, but I mix mine into gummies, and it works great!!! Fantastic terp profiles.
  8. Tejashidrow

    Cure cork. Has anyone tried this? Opinions, Anyone?

    I’ve got a gallon Coleman water jug. Plumbed a small aquarium air pump to it (ala Dereck Gilman Auto Burp) with fish tank oneway air valves, In comeing air lines at bottom, out going burped air outlet at top. Used drip/weep line inside to spread the incomeing air. Plugged the pump into a...
  9. Tejashidrow

    Removal of chlorine/chloramines from tap water with ascorbic acid (vitamin c)

    The question should be how much is too much??? I’m going with 25-50 mg per gallon in super hard Texas tap water.
  10. Tejashidrow

    .Smoke's Hempy Bucket Adventures

    Not entirely true. Hempy is not just a term on RIU. Original hempy is a passive system. Years ago a guy called hempy on the old og ( back when my forums were illegal) didn’t come up with passive judo ( been around for hundreds of years) but came up with a repeatable way of easy passive hydro...
  11. Tejashidrow

    This was an autoflower that I accidentally topped...

    Yep. Me to. I top and defo autos all the time.
  12. Tejashidrow

    First SIP Earth Box Grow

    Bummer. I’m doing this style gro starting in a couple weeks. One thing is no mammoth P in the Rez. Just em1. Hope it works!!
  13. Tejashidrow

    High Brix Marijuana

    No. The alumina in AZOMITE® is not biologically available. It is bound to the silica and is an aluminosilicate. "Aluminum the metal" can only be derived from "alumina" through the process of smelting. Sand, clay, most rock deposits, and soil deposits are primarily aluminosilicates. In the words...
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    I have earth boxes and plan to try these. I think I’ve got a grasp of this but the one part I’m not getting is the harvest. Once the plant is cut down then what??? Toss the medium?? Does one add back leaf and stems like no till?? Do we just plant another plant?? This part has me confused.
  15. Tejashidrow

    Coco Hempy Solo Question

    I do believe hempys first findings was done in a perilite/ verm mix Perilite wicks water In order to wick water, a substrate must be able to absorb (i.e. Hold) water Perlite does hold water but due to its porous nature it does not hold a lot of it
  16. Tejashidrow

    Hempy Bucket Growing (please explain some things)

    Not entirely true. If you hand water (every day or more) above is true. But with hempy, you don’t HAVE to water every day. Hempy himself ( as do I) watered every 3-4 days In that time the water is sucked up by the roots. So when one waters one fills the rezzy. Plus watering every 3-4 days has...
  17. Tejashidrow

    Hempy bucket nutrients first grow

    I’ve found the 2 inches is perfect for straight sided buckets. That’s also what hempy recommends. How ever If ya want to get technical Your Rez should hold 20% of your bucket But I’m gonna let you do the math
  18. Tejashidrow

    Auto-flower pot size

    How much work you wants do??? Are you doing a true notill, or just useing dirt and water?? For best results,the smallest notill pot size ( indoor grow) is a size#15 I’ve grown 2-4 plants in a airpot notill in this (#15 with inputs) size for years. HOWEVER.... In order to do this size OR go...
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    Mega Crop for Coco?

    Interesting take....
  20. Tejashidrow

    Mega Crop Scrog grow

    Bump??? Any reports??? I’m in process of doing a custom diy autopot useing mega crop...,, Hello?????