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    No end in sight, Northern Light 13th week

    I am 13+ weeks of flowering and this Nirvana Northern Lights plant will not stop growing. She has fox tailed almost every bud and it seems like the buds are opening up like pine cones not getting tighter. Its like the buds are growing more buds. However, she is getting frostier. I have...
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    kept a hermie, is that bad?

    Had 4 NL's going and one bag seed. 2 days ago got rid of one male. Today got rid of two more males (included the bag seed) Kept one female and one hermie. Is that bad? Aren't feminized seeds from hermies? And what happens to the female if she gets pollinated by the hermie? Will she breed...
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    post grow blending

    Not sure where to post this one, but this seemed like the most likely place to try. Is post growth blending of cured buds the same high as growing a cross/hybrid of the same strains? Example: If you grew a skunk plant and a northern light plant, then you cured them. Mixed a bud of each and...
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    Nirvana indoor mix

    Well, after way to much research into the matter, I have finally decided to try the Nirvana indoor mix. (Master Kush, Afghan, Pure Power Plant, Skunk1 and Nirvana Special which is a Jock Horror x Oaxaxa) This is not my first grow, but my first online seed purchase. Looking to try a few of...
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    showing seeds

    my friends took a sample cutting for a test smoke and the small bud was loaded with seeds. Should he harvest now? Is potency affected when it starts to seed? Or should he still wait till the trichromes turn milky?