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    US prosecutors reach deal to allow "imprisoned" Huawei exec to return to China

    US prosecutors reach deal to allow imprisoned Huawei exec to return to China U.S. prosecutors have reached a deal to allow an imprisoned Huawei executive to be released from prison. Federal prosecutors in New York informed the court of a hearing on Friday in the case of Meng Wanzhou, Huawei’s...
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    Rolling Stones' Charlie Watts dies at 80

    The band announced his passing in a statement posted on Twitter on Wednesday. “It is with immense sadness that we announce the death of our beloved Charlie Watts. He passed away peacefully in a London hospital earlier today surrounded by his family," the statement read. “Charlie was cherished...
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    A short thread about elections.

    US styled election, billions of dollars spent and months repeating what could be summed up in five minutes. Canadian election, start to finish in one month and no whining or audits afterward.
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    Is It Spam When A Troll Posts New Multiple Threads When Existing Threads Are Discussing The Topic?

    Is It Spam When A Troll Posts New Multiple Threads (18 ) When Existing Threads Are Discussing The Topic? Kind of shouts out, "Look At Me!"?
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    Arizona Audit!

    We should have started a thread on this shit show. Arizona Election Audit demanded by Donald Trump is hit by sex pest scandal: Multiple women claim male worker made unwanted sexual advances and raged angrily at women who had authority over him Several women who worked the Republican-backed...
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    Twenty years? Where has the time gone?
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    Scientists say Canadian-built laser lets them manipulate antimatter

    New system blasts antihydrogen atoms, chilling and slowing them dramatically, scientists say Antimatter atoms get annihilated whenever they contact matter — which makes up everything. That makes them hard to study, which has been a problem, scientists say, because studying antimatter is key to...
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    Do not know what they are. Figured it out, Aphid Eggs

    I sprayed down my plants to kill aphids, seen a number of these little guys.
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    UFO files from the CIA Collection
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    Seedling males dumping pollen already?

    Had an outdoor plant get pollinated by someone else's male, I collected the seeds and wanted to find out what the result was. A number of males developed and this morning one had some pods open. I moved the cup it was in over to get a better picture of it (didn't help) and it dumped a powder...
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    Producing Feminized Seeds With Hopefully A Colloidal Silver Generator

    Got my Canadian 99.99% pure silver dime in the mail. Got it in distilled water, a stainless steel electrode to act as a cathode, the dime as anode. Had a couple of volts on it but nothing seemed to be happening. Turned it up to 5V and after a while seen bubbles on the electrodes. Reduced it back...
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    Israel's ex-space boss: Trump was 'on the verge' of revealing extraterrestrials' existence

    A former chief of the Israel Defense Ministry’s space directorate says that humans have been in contact with extraterrestrials from a "Galactic Federation" and that President Trump is aware of this and was previously "on the verge of revealing" extraterrestrials' existence. Haim Eshed made the...
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    The Great Reset

    This is the first I heard of it. While I have known of the imperative of the climate crisis the attempt to deal with global iinequity is relatively new to me. Mind you I think a little of that was in the Paris agreement with the richer economies helping out the poorer ones. But I have thought...
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    United Nations commission votes to remove marijuana from list of most dangerous drugs

    United Nations commission votes to remove marijuana from list of most dangerous drugs A United Nations panel has voted to remove medical cannabis from a list of dangerous drugs. In the Wednesday vote, the Commission for Narcotic Drugs voted on several World Health Organization recommendations...
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    Technical Marijuana Growing Documents.

    I was looking for documents on how to design an environmental chamber and came across some documents that might be of interest to others. I will revisit this and try to find more but for now a start. Ready. Set. Grow...
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    Happy Election Day

    Best of luck, hope the loonies do not disrupt things too much. Going to be enough of that in the courts once the polls close. Hopefully in the races where it matteres the spread can be large enough to negate the court challenges. And don't forget to wear your mask and wash your hands. Happy voting.
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    Fluffy Buds!

    Thought they might be better this grow but fluffy again. Dinafem CBD. One plant that was sort of neglected in the corner has popcorn bus but they are hard as a rock. I am confused, they are clones from the same plant. I have a few plants on deck to go into flower and was hoping to get it right...
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    Unsure How To Flower This Plant, Horizontal, Vertical?

    It just grew into a bush, it seems that I monster cropped a few plants. The branches try ans out compete each other for light. Do I spread them out and have a vertical grow, do the same horizontally? I did want it as a mother but it would not bother me to start another one and take this one into...
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    Washed the dust out of a few bricks of coco. Any use for it?

    Or do I just toss it?
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    Print That!

    Almost finished my second grow. The first was a learning experience, the second just trying to keep up with the plant needs, getting lights and exhaust together. The second got a little bit of a harvest, the second will produce a lot more but not up to the capabilities of the plans and room...