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  1. seymour b

    Grow room for indoor vegetables

    I'm in a non-friendly state, so I'm changing gears to growing vegetables indoors. I have a spider farmer sf4000 and two sf1000s. I grew organic and had good success, but the risk is too high. I was planning on growing tomatoes and if it's feasible, corn year round. I grow corn outdoors but...
  2. seymour b

    Training question

    I'm kind of at a crossroads in my grow. I took the plants out to top today for the last time, but had second thoughts. I manifolded them for 4, and lstd them out wide because I'm in a 5 foot tall space (this will no longer be an issue within a month) but let them get away a 'little'. On each...
  3. seymour b

    Underwatering fabric pots and its effect on microbes

    New grower here using ffof. I'm in week 5 or 6 from seed, and have recently transplanted into 1 gallon fabric pots. Everything has looked pretty good until a few days ago, when I noticed lightening of the lower leaves (and some tips) and some slowing of growth. I've not given any nutrients...