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  1. Rurumo

    Synthetic (EDTA) vs Organic (amino acids) chelating agents in fertilizers-Jack's/Megacrop

    I'm just curious to see if anyone has any thoughts on the topic. The single biggest difference between Jack's A/B and Megacrop A/B is that Jack's uses EDTA to chelate its micronutrients, while Megacrop uses amino acid chelates. I'm a huge fan of amino acid use in cannabis cultivation, so...
  2. Rurumo

    4x4 bed-Blumats/Blutape Qs

    Hiya fellas, I'm still deciding on how I'm going to water my new 4x4 no till bed (indoors, in tent). I'm considering hand watering with a reservoir, sump pump, and extra long garden wand. But then I remembered that I'm curious about Blumats....and then I found Blutape. Does Blutape work...
  3. Rurumo

    Watering an indoor bed

    Hey guys, I'm just curious how you guys go about watering an indoor bed of living soil, any tips or tricks to make it easier? I currently use a manual gas transfer pump to drain my saucers and my plan now is to use that to water the new bed-I've got the tube taped to a bamboo stick, so I can...
  4. Rurumo

    Heavy metals in rock dust

    Hi everyone! I've been thinking a lot lately about mixing up a batch of Cootz mix for a new grow now that the weather is getting nice and I could get it cooking outside, but after researching heavy metals in mineral salts and traditional organic inputs over the winter, I started wondering about...
  5. Rurumo

    Old School Genetics-breeder-anyone try?

    Hiya folks! I was just checking out promotions at Attitude and saw these guys-they just have a few strains listed, but some seem interesting. They have some good old cuts and worked with Karma in the past. I'm just curious if anyone has tried them out before? I can't find any threads on them...
  6. Rurumo

    Amino Acid study

    Hello all! I've been testing out amino acids as a way to increase ca/mg absorption and just came across this new study. Granted, it was done on celery, but if you read through the bulk of the literature already out there on feeding amino acids to crops...
  7. Rurumo

    Short time timer options for UV

    Hiya everyone, I was wondering what you guys are using for timers for your UV lights. I want to be able to set something to run for 5 minutes each hour for 4 hours. I've heard some people use the Nearpow timers for their DTW hydro pumps, which seems like a similar application, but I'm not...
  8. Rurumo

    Let's talk heavy metals

    Hello all, Have you guys ever seen the little disclaimer on a bottle of nutes that says something like "heavy metal content listed on" Well, I finally decided to go there and then they direct you to one of the state databases, which basically have all the same numbers...
  9. Rurumo

    Citric Acid lowers PPMs

    Hello all, I just noticed this and thought it might not be common knowledge...or maybe it is, idk. I've been messing around with my water a lot lately, testing it, testing various PH up/down options, etc. This is the first time I've used this source of water to grow indoors and it's moderately...
  10. Rurumo

    Trump's tiny desk

    LOL...Do you think the purpose of this was to, once and for all, show the world that Trump's hands aren't infant sized? Awww, the little guy is hard at work at his big boy desk!! This is one of the best photos of his "Presidency."
  11. Rurumo

    HID bulb "burn in" period?

    Hi all, I'm getting ready for my next grow, which will be with a brand new 630 DE CMH bulb. The instructions recommend a 100 hour "burn in" period to maximize the life of the bulb. I'm curious if any of the resident experts could chime in on the necessity of this burn in period and...
  12. Rurumo

    Black Friday

    Hiya peeps! For those of us in the market for any big, or not so big ticket items, we are stuck one month away from Black Friday and have to choose to either buy something now, or wait for a deal that might possibly not materialize. I'm curious which hydro shops, seed sellers, and various...
  13. Rurumo

    Amino acids-hydrolyzed pea protein?

    Hello all, I was just drinking some hydrolyzed pea protein and started wondering if anyone has tried it as an amino acid supplement for their plants? I remember reading years ago about people using hydrolyzed whey protein as an amino acid supplement. I believe most companies use hydrolyzed soy...
  14. Rurumo

    Hydropolis tent experiences?

    So, I'm in the market for a new 4x4 ft tent. I really like the covert tents that my friend has-they seem like the best quality for the price, and they are the most light tight tents I've seen, but all my previous experience with tents is 10 years old...long grow hiatus. Problem is, their 4x4...
  15. Rurumo

    Grower's Choice 500 watt cmh?

    Hello, I'm new here and also new to cmh lighting. I'm setting up a new tent and will likely just go with a 315w cmh and a 3x3 tent, but this 500w cmh caught my eye. I can't seem to find anyone who actually uses it though. Does anyone have experience with this particular light, or the Grower's...