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  1. Rurumo

    Chitosan Oligosaccharide

    I use it, it's a great anti-fungal and seems to add to frost but not smell in my experience. Great foliar alongside Southern Ag GFF.
  2. Rurumo

    How to germinate seeds without a heat mat ?

    This is a good guide with no bro-science bs methods:
  3. Rurumo

    1st test of 48 hours of darkness before harvest, results

    I don't know how people can think this does anything. Your plants are still alive when you chop and hang them, it's not like you are shooting them in the brain. I'm assuming you also dry in the basically, everyone is already doing this.
  4. Rurumo

    Autos in the gray pot and photos in the red pot. Concerns: yellowing lime green and I have the advanced nutrients base and root mass formula . Coco

    You'll be fine with coco loco, don't worry. The nutrients in it aren't as hot as Ocean Forest, and you can treat it pretty much exactly like Coco after a few weeks. Fertigation works fine with it. I don't see any major issues with your grow, keep working on growing those roots out to the...
  5. Rurumo

    Kali Mist - Seed to Stone

    Lookin awesome Hobbes! My Kali Mist came down last week, it was a short pheno and it ripened a bit faster than yours, but it also had the stress of being exposed to high heat for a few days, which might have contributed. It wasn't quite ready, but I took it down because my other 3 plants...
  6. Rurumo

    Sudden issue.. please help guys!

    You get a lot of PH/deficiency symptoms when overwatering. If you aren't sure, fill up another cup with totally dry media and use it as a comparison to test your seedlings for when to water. You want the cups to get light.
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    What are you smoking today?

    my morning nug is Strawberry Mist (Old School Genetics)
  8. Rurumo

    Seeing signs of mites( tiny brown bugs underneath leaves)

    I just successfully eradicated spider mites from my mommy tent with just citric acid. Once you get rid of them, don't forget to keep treating every few weeks for prevention. BTW, I think 2 teaspoons per quart is enough. I used 3 teaspoons per quart, but it did some minor damage to my leaves...
  9. Rurumo

    Growing in coco question

    I would read up on the differences between coco and regular potting "soil" too if this is your first time with it. It can take a little time to get used to. This guy has some good info...
  10. Rurumo

    Looking For Winner: Mars Hydro FC6500 Giveaway!

    #MarshydroFC6500 Two more nug pics from my recent harvest, would love to test out the FC6500 next round! Kali Mist-Serious Seeds Strawberry Mist- KM Pre-2000 X Tijuana-Old School Genetics
  11. Rurumo

    6plants under 600watt

    Like I said, no one can give you a reasonable estimate without knowing your skill level. For example, if this is your first grow, you will be lucky to get your plants to harvest and end up with something smokable. Each time you grow, you'll get better and better, if you continue to research...
  12. Rurumo

    6plants under 600watt

    I've grown one before, it didn't stretch very much tbh. Also, I didn't smell any lemon at all until after harvest, but then it got a really strong lemon flavor if not so much a lemon odor. Very similar to lemon haze I've had in the past. It yielded fairly well, if I remember correctly. It...
  13. Rurumo

    General Hydroponics MaxiBloom Availability?

    That is a good deal and only 53 minutes left! lol
  14. Rurumo

    Continuing a bud rot infected plant

    I lost a few of my choicest big colas to bud rot my last grow, first time I've seen it in years. The colas looked perfect on the outside, but were so dense I decided to go through them carefully while trimming and found some rot in 4 of them, all near the upper 1/3 of the colas. Just saying...
  15. Rurumo

    Ethos Brand

    I think there is a long ongoing thread here about Ethos.
  16. Rurumo

    Your latest seed purchase?

    I only know for sure that the Old Widow 90's is a White Widow S1. I almost went with the Honey Gas, but I'm already growing one of their Road Dawg crosses, so I thought I'd try the widest range of their stuff, I'm sure it's incredible though, Road Dawg is one of my favorite medical strains and...
  17. Rurumo

    Your latest seed purchase?

    I stumbled upon Old School Genetics in another forum. The breeder is a really cool guy and he has a beautiful collection of European clone only cuts, old school cuts, and landraces, and he also does a lot of collaborations with Karma (another favorite of mine), so I decided to give them a shot...
  18. Rurumo

    Who's Got The Fostiest Buds? Let's See How Frosty A Bud Can Really Get?

    Here are a couple more from my last grow, breeder is Old School Genetics, first pic is Strawberry mist: Next is Petrol Skunk (one of my favorite new strains):
  19. Rurumo

    Is this weed

    break it open and look at it under a scope. If you see anything fuzzy, thin strands like spider web, that's mold.
  20. Rurumo

    Looking For Winner: Mars Hydro FC6500 Giveaway!

    #marshydrofc6500 Here is my last grow close to harvest, under the Fold 8. I'd love to try out the 6500. Yes I let them sag near the end, don't judge me!